Saturday, September 14, 2013

Its been a very, vey long while lets catch up!!!

Hey lovelies!!!!!! Its been a good 3 or 4 months since I have posted a blog post I have 1 reason!!

My Youtube channel!
I started it in January and I did posts from time to time but I was really more focused on my channel and getting a good number of subscribers and consistently posting videos, so I eventually stopped posting period which was kind of stupid of me. I want to do both a Youtube channel and a blog because I did originally start blogging!
I want to say sorry to everyone out there that was following my blog that unfollowed or doesn't take me seriously that much but please know that I will start blogging again. Not very frequently  (once a week for now) but i will begin posting very soon!!!

But like I said I stopped because I wanted to focus on my Youtube and getting it up and running and that is what i did.
I have successfully gotten 53 or 54 subscribers on my channel I have uploaded about 30 videos.
My name on Youtube is Urbandekyla155 check out my channel HERE PLEASE . Please subscribe to my channel and help me get to 100 subbies!!
Right now going on is my back to school series that I recommend you all go check out.
I have big plans for this blog! I plan on remodeling it. My posts will be going towards more fashion and makeup. Where I will be doing looks of the day.
My channel will have a wider variety like Vlogs, lookbooks, makeup looks, hauls, tours, collections favorite videos.
But I will always post a post of my most recent uploads on Youtube containing a link to the videos.
Like I said I am truly sorry for abandoning my blog!!! please go subscribe to my channel and follow my blog!!!