Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Lust List!!!

Hi girlies!!!!
So Black Friday is four days away!!!
And for those of you who might live in another country or so and dont get to experience it.....Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving when almost everything everywhere go on sale! People literally camp out in front of their favorite stores to get some really great deals. This will be my very first time doing big black friday shopping mainly because my mom's not for waiting in long lines and maybe having a fight over "the last item" that she wanted that someone else did. (THAT'S REALLY HOW IT IS) but this year I have the opportunity to! My best friend invited me to go black Friday shopping with her and her mom this year. We are leaving to Illinois Thursday night to go to this really nice mall and then we are coming back to where we live to do some damage there. I just wanted to give a list of somethings I am out on the lookout for
 Black friday is also the time a lot of people do some christmas shopping to get unbelievable prices (in which you do) Ive heard of people actually passing out and getting hurt!!! 

First I am on the lookout for leggings but not just any thin cheap pair of leggings!! Im looking for sweater leggings! They are made of a thicker material and are priced a little hire because of the good quality. They are made for the winter! I cant wait to get them and pair them with combat boots!

The next item im on the look out for is a pair of tribal print leggings they don't really have to be made of the sweater material but it would be nice!!

Next I will be looking for a really comfy soft sweater! I want it in either a black or gray. if i find it oversized then i would love that! nothing to abstract because i want to be able to wear it more than once!
this one looks pretty and oversized!

I really hate when i go to the dollar store and buy a pair of headphones for like 2 bucks and they end up breaking within two to defeat all of the worry i just want to splurge on a nice pair that i know will last. im not talking about beats splurging but these pair from skull candy will do!!

Next I hope to find a pair ofconverse on sale !!!
they usually run like 45 or 50 bucks half off would be nice !!!! I really like the style of these shoes and they fit my feet so well and all throughout my child hood i wore only converse nothing other than that lol!!

Next as far as makeup goes!! I want to go on E.L.F. and hoepfully find that their palettes are 1/2 off  because that is waht one of my sisters requested for christmas ! she loves makeup and beauyt just as me and i think this would be a great addition to her collection!

this is the 100 piece palette

I myself for myself would love to find the new Jumbo eyeshadow and lipgloss sticks on sale so i can get them all!

I really want to find a sinful colors nailpolish in the color cinderella i saw it at walgreens the other day and fell in love so i have made a promise to myself to find it on sale (if i dont ill just purchase it for regular price!

Well ladies that is all wish me luck on my black friday adventure....hope that i come back in one piece!!!!

Also all the clothes items i named off i hope to wear to school before the weather gets too too bad!

I just got my elf order in that i order 3 weeks ago! I will be doing a haul but I still dont know if ill do that seperate from the black friday haul or together???

So what are you looking forward to finding during black friday tell me in the comments below!

Thank you for reading have a great day!!!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Shoe Lust List!!! Steve Madden Charlette Russe and more!

Hey girlies!!!
So I don't know what is wrong with me but all of a sudden I have been wanting all of these things! IDK if it is because i have been watching a lot of hauls on YouTube (which happens a lot) or what but I know I want to buy them! This isn't one of those "if i have the money" lists this is a "I will have the money and I will get it" (mainly because they have been on my mind like crazy!!! So I decided to create a lust list maybe I'm not crazy and you guys have the same items on you brain!!!

Combat boots!!!!!

Ever since the trend came out I have wanted them!! Here are a couple pair i have in mind!
 Steve Madden - Troopa boots

 I really like these boots! I found out about them from Youtube (no brainer)! This was originally going to just put these on my Christmas list mainly because of the price but then I figured with black friday coming up i would maybe catch a half off sale (maybe)! they are $99.95 and i want them in the color you see them in above! I am only almost willing to pay that 100 dollars for the quality im the type who would love a lotta bang for my buck  You can find them here

GoJane Mid Rise Combat boots

Now considering the price of the troopa boots that i wansnt going to pay unless they were on some type of sale I did a little  price shopping and stumbled upon GoJane Ive heard a little about them! But I never heard that they had such great prices on shoes ! I really like the boots up there I would love if they were in a dark brown or taupe color but for only $28.00  I just might compromise and according to the reviews the boots are true to size and are good quality! You can find them here!

Riding Boots
I only have one pair in mind and I am glad I found them!

Charlette Russe - Zip Back Pleather Knee-High Boot

In my search for the perfect pair of riding boots I passed so many cute styles but they were expensive my price range is more under 100 dollars! These are only 40.00 and I love them in the color they are in charlette russe always has cute shoes you can find them here!

Go Jane- Studded wedge sneackers!
 I couldnt find a picture but they are really cute I want to get them in the navy blue color....Wedge sneakers???? Who would have thought that the most comfortable shoe and the most worn type of heel would be mixed together???? they are only $34.40 and the heel is only 3 inches so its possible to wear them to school! Click here to go see them! 

TOMS- Black glitters


These are just a practical comfrtable shoe that can never go out of style!! I only want the black glitters though because I heard the other colors glitters get dirty (im pretty sure the black glitters get dirty too but you cant see that) And plus black goes with everything!! Although people do say that TOMS make your feet stink!! idk if im ready for that!! But they are 54 dollars and you can find them here.

TOMS snow leopard vegan classics

 Im not nessicarily getting these for the fact that they are vegan (im just a vegetarian) but they are just cute!! I might put them on my christmas list!!! once again only $54.00  (which is the main price they run) now you could always go to and see these but since im generous go here instead

 Last but not least!

I have never owned a pair of vans but i really like how they look on other people so this is definitely going on my Christmas list if i dont get them first! they are 55.00 dollars and you can get them here

Well girls that is all for today
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xoxox KYLA

Friday, November 9, 2012

I ♥ Drugstore Makeup Tag!!!

Hey girlies!!
So I have yet another tag for yall!! Boy I have really been doing so many tags! I love tags and i love that you guys enjoy my tags!!! So let me just start this tag off by saying that My favorite drugstore is and will always be walgreens!! They have the long tempting wall of beauty products that seem to go on for miles but the thing is i live right around the corner from a walgreens so most of my makeup come from there (and target and kmart)

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand? My favorite drugstore makeup brand to be Wet n Wild! When I was thinking about how to answer this question I actually had to go through my makeup and look but I have everything from nail polishes, eyeliners, and lip products!!

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products
My fave face product has to be the Milani Multitasker face powder it is so great I carry it around in my purse because its so inexpensive (8.49$) so I can touch up during the day!!! My fave cheek product is Maybeline's pressed powder fit me blush in the color Light twinkle (which is a deep mauve) it give that right glow to my face (which i love)! My fave lip product at the moment has to be the Wet n Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer in the color cinnamon! I really love it its very pigmented and i love it i literally wore it every day this week!

3. Least favorite product?  
As of right now I dont have a least favorite although Its very hard to use all of my makeup I love everything i have when it comes to makeup I am very choosy and I second guess alot so if my gut tells me it might not be a good product I wont buy it!!!

4. What is the best makeup bargain?  
The best makeup bargain that I have seen is the 9 dollar Urban Decay primer potion at Nordstorm!

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)  
My maybeline Great Lash mascara....I love is so much and it took me forever to realize that I needed to buy it and when I did I just kept using the mascara i was using before so It has definitely been over looked not on purpose but simply because I forget to use it!!!

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
 I would have to say in general the products that you see on tv all the time that you wont be finding in sephora and only in a drugstores like I get that you advertise them on tv but if i cant  find them in "high end" stores they shouldnt be high end prices!!! 

7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!!  
I dont really have any dupes that I know of!

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype? 
The sally hansen  salon effects I feel it was too hyped up when i used them they were hard to apply and didnt last a week! Save your (or in my case your mom's) 10 dollars and get something better!!!

So I tag everyone I love reading tags because they all explain your personality in a new way its like getting to know a best friend!!!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY- Inexpensive Olive Oil Makeup Remover!!!

Hey girlies!!!!
So this is my very first DIY!!!! So I dislike having to go out and buy new makeup remover every month or so beause lets all be honest and say that we wear makeup almost every day and a 30 count pack of remover wipes dont last that long and if you are like me and you like a good quality remover and dont care the price it can cost a lot to remove makeup! So today I am going to give you a DIY today you only need two things and its super dooper (dooper??) cheap (you literally only need to buy 1 thing).

What you'll need?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- you can find this at the grocery store for les than 5 bucks and before you go to the store look through your kitchen you might just already have it (then that would make this whole DIY free)

Water-if you want superb quality from this DIY go get distilled or purified water (or just sit a cup of water out for a day and then itll be distilled!

Old travel sized spray bottle- dont throw away your travel sized bath and body works spray bottle use this ( i ended up using an old travel sized hand santitizer bottleyou can too)

Cotton swabs (or tissue or paper towels)


1) fill the container almost 75% up with the extra virgin olive oil

2) add a little bit of water (dont fill all the way up)\

3) shake 

4) wipe off your makeup!!

Testiminal: I have used this at least twice and when it comes to my eye makeup it only takes 1 minute (maybe even that) the get everything off! Even that mascara that usually takes years (not really) to get off!!!
Not only does this get makeup off but for those who have dry skin extra virgin olive oil actually helps your skin because its a natural oil and most of the time its found in lotions like jergens and vaseline lotions.. And even if you have oily skin the oil cant get into your pores because the oil particles are too big. So this is somethign good for everyone

Did you like my very first DIY? comment below you suggestions and comments

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