Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul!!!!!

Hey girlies!!!!! So I just received my Bath and Body works order in the mail (literally just got home and saw the package on my porch) and I thought before I even think about using any of these before I hauled them!!!! I have been talking about the order ever since Saturday! I also got a ELF order but it has yet to make it here :(!! I am a coupon clipper so this order only cost me like 15 dollars because I had a 20% off coupon from them and a coupon to get a travel sized item free!!!

Here It goes: 

FIRST OFF LET ME JUST SAY I HAD A MINI HEART ATTACK WHEN I THOUGHT MY CANDLES WERENT THERE BUT THEY WERE!!!! ( They also literally filled most of the box with that brown tissue)

So that is the order!!!

Now lets get more detailed!

I am a fan of the 5 for 5 hand sanitizer so I had to get some this is VANILLA BEAN NOEL one of the Christmas scents but they had them out earlier so i went ahead and got smells so good.

This is SIMPLY RAIN and this has no glitter or none of the little blue beads in there its simple and thats why I got it. I smells very simple and although im not a simple person it still smelled just right for me!

This is WINTER SPICE VANILLA another winter scent!! When I first smelled this I automatically smelled the spice and smells so great!!!

Another winter scent!! This is FRESH SPARKLING SNOW...this is indeed a fresh scent it has glitter and the color of the bottle is too cute (attention span)

This is PINK DIAMOND! it smells fruity like skittles and I'm not going to lie but I did kind of want to taste it lol but lets all be glad I didnt!!!

Last one and I saved the best for last! dedicated to HALLOWEEN....This is BOO MARSHMALLOW!! lol this is one of the many halloween scents and if you hurry now you can get them for 75 cents!! It actually does smell like marshmallows and here is a blonde moment for ya! I was smelling this santitizer (before I knew it smelled like marshmallow) and I was like "hmmmm doesnt smell like boo" lol just thought i would share!

The one scent that B&BW has been promoting the most so I had to snag it when i got a coupon to get a free travel size item....I dont really know what it smells like because you actually have to put it on to smell it so I didnt really do that but I have heard good things about it that its a strong smell!

I also got two mini candles (2 for 5) they are actually pretty small so if you do get mini candles get multiple!!
This is AUTUMN it smells devine! I cant wait to light it!

And I got the infamous LEAVES candle everyone loves it I love it even when its not fall im going to get more to last me through winter for when they stop selling them!

also bath and body works litterally filled the box with a lot of good coupons

What good deals huh???
They even threw in a 2012 christmas gift guide!!!

 I love everything I got here is another picture
Thank you for taking a look at my haul!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! be safe and have a beautiful day!!!


xoxoxoxo KYLA

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Heart Fall Tag!!!!!

Hey Girlies, its tag time again!!!!! So one of my blogger friends did this post and so then I just knew I had to do it so to save you a long intro let's just get started!!

1. Favorite Fall lip product?
I am crazy in love with my Wet n Wild Natural Made Lip Shimmer!!! Its very creamy and pigmented I love it soooooo much!!!! 

2. Favorite Nail Polish?
Sinful Colors Let's Talk- Its not a fall color or anything (more of a blueish purpleish) I just recently did a NOTD on it and suprisingly I just got it last week but I can already tell I will where this color more than two or three days (which i mostly do every time) and might just reapply it!!!!

3. Favorites Starbucks Fall Drink?
 I really love everything warm on the menu!!! But unfortunately the starbucks around the corner from my house it being rebuilt so its not serving anyone for a month or so!!! But I recently have gotten addicted to Quik Trip coffee..... I usually get half a cup of carmel machiato and half hot chocolate with whip cream on top :) I always get one in the mornings before school!!!

 4. Favorite Fall Candle?
 I, like all beauty gurus out there have an obsession with bath and body works candles my two (cant pick one) favorite candles have to be LEAVES AND AUTUMN. I just cant see myself spending 20 dollars for the three wick candles so I instead get 4 of the mini candles and use those!! I recently just ordered a huge B&BW order that may or may not include a couple of mini candles lol (im so thrifty)

5. Favorite Fall scarf or accessory?
My beaded bracelets i just got from dots! My mood necklace I got from CLAIRES (where it with every outfit!!) and a pair of uggs!!!

6. Haunted House, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I am more than horrified of the haunted houses because people actually chase you now a days!!!! So I would have to choose Haunted Hay Ride but I have never been on one so if they do chase you then I'm out all together lol!!!

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
Casper the friendly ghost!!! IT kind of reminds me that no matter what the Paranormal Activity movies says there is still one friendly ghost out there lol! And I love the relationship that hilary duff had with him lol it was cute

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? 
Candy corn!! Even when it isnt Halloween I still eat candy forget the twix and the snickers give the biggest bowl of candy corn and Im good!! LOL

9. What are your dressing up for as Halloween? 
unfortunately I will be on the plane on halloween night to illinois!!! But if I wasnt busy Halloween night I would dress up as a penut butter and jelly with my best friend Taylor ( we did that for Halloween costume day at my school)

10. What is you favorite thing about fall?
 The leaves changing and beautiful in the middle (not too cold not too hold) weather!!! I love the comfy sweaters and the scarves!!!!

I'm not tagging specific people this time :( BUT I DO TAG EVERYONE!!!!!!! Dont think twice about doing it!!! This is a fun tag. I love tags!! You Should To!!!!

 8 more weeks until Christmas!!!!! What cant you wait for???? Any posts you want me to post!!! Comment below!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

DARN Sandy!!!!!!!!

So I was just basically forced to watch the news!!! Although I was anger soon turned into sadness when they said that hurricane sandy is moving through!!! I just want to say that all the people out there in that terrible storm please evacuate if you can and stay safe (i.e. dont go chacing storms) My prayers go out to you all!!!!



Saturday, October 27, 2012

NOTD: Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Hey girlies!!!! First off let me just say thanks for the awesome positive feedback on my MAC Wishlist....if you havn't read it yet click here!!!!
 But on to this post!!!
I love everything nails!!!!!! And if anything these types of posts are what you should expect the most!! I literally change the color i wear on my nails 3-4 times a week!!! 

Another confession is that I buy at least 1 new bottle of nail polish every time I get paid or get my allowance!!

So I recently went to my all time favorite drug store,,,,,WALGREENS!! (i typed that with the world's biggest grin on my face) And I guess you could say I went crazy in there and I may or may not have spent over 50 bucks on beauty products......but anyways the one thing i was lookking forward to using the most had to be the Sinful Colors nail polish I bought!!!!! 

 Sinful colors: Lets Talk

I actually really love the way this came out on my nails!!!! Its so bright and purple, In the picture it comes out as a bright blue but its more purple then blue )thats what it looks like with flash!!!! ( and im not ashy thats acetone)

This has reflects of royal blue and purple!!! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

MAC Wishlist!

Hey girlies! So I recently have been having this obsession with M.A.C products. But there is just a little big problem with that.......I dont really have the type of money to spend wildy (although i would love to) on MAC products. I do have a job but i only get payed enough to pay my phone bill, lunch money, and there rest (very little) i can spend on myself. So now with the personal things aside let me tell you why i am creating ths "lust List". Well when i finally figure out in my head that I want kind of stays there! So I figured why not create this list so I can buy maybe a couple things on the list every time i get payed and maybe a couple months later I will have the whole list checked out!!!!
SO Here WE GO!!!!!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish -Gold Deposit
 Mineralize Skinfinish

I have been wanting to get a new one of these because my old one cracked and I was devistated
but that much because I still havent got a new one but i just love how good they are to my skin!! But all in all I love hw they look its not just one color its another color thrown in and they blend in so well!!!

Hey, Sailor! Bronzing Powder!

 Hey, Sailor! Bronzing Powder

Now I have heard alot about the "Hey, Sailor!" collection and people love it and I'm suprised the collection is still out because i thought collections are limited edition but when i saw it on the site i knew then I have to get it before it really is gone!

Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick

 Viva Glam Nicki

Now I am a big fan of good lip products and i also heard so many good things about not only the lipstick but the collection also. So I will have to go snag my self one very soon!! This lipstick comes in one color and i dont really have a problem with that becaus the color is to die for!! I have this mental search going on (weird??) but its too find the best perfect lipstick and when i say tperfect i mean in shade how pigmented it is etc. and i think i can successfully say that my search might just be over!

Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass -Phiff!
 Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass

I love the fact that they have came out with a Marilyn Monroe collection its like she is still living!! But i actually have never owned a MAC dazzle glass period so i have pretty high hopes seeings though a lot of beauty gurus out there just adore them! This particular on is supposed to have large particle pearls that relfect and refract the light!! Idk what that means but i cant wait to find out!

So that is all!!!! Its a little short but this is just starting off! I will keep you updated on the thing i got!!!
next post: October lust list!
Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fashion Series!!!

Hey girlies!!! So we all know that fall is officially here! So i decided to create a style guide series titled fall fashion. So any most titled "Fall Fashion:.........." will be included in the series. I mainly wanted to do this because for one right now its "Halloween time" and I don't celebrate Halloween (for religious reasons....I'm a Christian) and so I wanted to do like my equivalent to that so instead of costume tutorials you will get style guides lust lists etc. for about 2 weeks.
You guys should really start expecting a lot of post in the next couple months mainly because I have access to a Computer for the time being!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fashion: Fashion must haves!!

Hey girlies! So yes Fall is finally here! I am happy to get ready to go shopping for new items!! But i think we all need to know what we absolutely should have! So i am here to help you!

1. Scarf- not just a regular old flimsy fashion scarf but a nice cozy thick and fashionable scarf !

This one is a really cute color and its looks so warm and cozy! try finding ones similar to the one above and dont go for a traditional ugly plaid uncomfortable scarf!

2. Sweater or Sweatshirt- If it gets really really cold during fall where you live (like me) I reccomend a sweater over a sweatshirt but if the fall weather isnt that bad just go ahead and put your really cute pullover sweatshirt on and roll out!!

The ideal cute sweater!! It looks so comfy! Probably about a couple years ago this wouldnt flow but now these sweaters are back in style so make the best of your grandmothers old sweaters lol because im pretty sure we can all guess that these trends were out before we were even born!!

This vans pullover looks so cute right????

3. Combat boots- Not only are they a cute trend but theyre boots so you can rock these in the winter

These are just the cutest! Whoever came out with this trends thank you so much! I cant wait to go snag a pair!

4. Ugg Boots- Uggs are jsut so friggin comfortable! Now im not saying you have to go and spend 100 plus dollars on a pair of boots because there are places you can get a mock for less money but the same quality!

My favortie color to get a pair of boots has to be black, tan, or grey. because they go with just about anything! I also prefer the short style over the tall because of my calves. Remember to always get a pair of ugg boots in a size smaller so they can be fitted anc cozy!

Abstract Design Leggings- Yes leggings! but make sure they are thick material though! But i did say Abstract design leggings like the new trendy galaxy leggings! They draw attention and compliments! Now not jsut galazy leggings maybe a bright color or stripes (lol not really stripes)

In the picture above are a pair of both galaxy leggings and skeleton leggings!!! Now thats trendy!! The skeletons might even work for a part of a Halloween costume (if you reallly like being creative) But what do these have to do with fall??? Well if they are the right material you can throw on an oversized sweater or pullover with a pair of combat boots ( just tied all of my faves in one ) your good!!!

Well ladies that is all i could think of now!
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Monday, October 8, 2012

September Favorites!

Hey yall so I have september favorites for you today!
this will be about 10 things that I have been really using this month!

Wet n wild's Color icon eyeliner pencils~

 I really love these i got them at the beginning of the month and I actually see myself getting more!
The come on so easily almost as if its not even a pencil! I only got two but they were 99 cents each!

Bath ansd Body works Paris Amour Hand sanitizer and body spray

I honestly love this sent! Its fresh and fruity! I only got the travel size spray and it has lasted so long i got this in the Ozarks in july but i just started using it now and after i smelled the spray i had to get the hand sanitizer!!

Mac Eyeshadow in the color ERA

I got this shadow from a vendor at a flea market for only 6 dollars and i love it sooooo much
I am definitely going back but mostly for the price!!!!

New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

I swear by this primer i love it so much! Since i dont wear foundation or anything This is just so great. It has a shimmer effect and i love that!!!

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

I love this becaus ei curl my hair every day (yes everyday) and I just started using this this month and i can tell the difference already! my hair was soooo damaged but now its just great! I would recommend this to anyone.

E.l.f. Tone Correcting Concealer

I bought this earlier in the month and i put it under my eyes and it gives a brighter effect on my face completly! It was only a dollar but its super good quality!!

So that is all for my favorites sorry it took me so long! But please follow my blog and have a beautiful day!!!!


Friday, October 5, 2012


Hey girlies what is up?? Foreal its been forever it feels like! I just wanted to let you know what is up because I've been MIA for weeks! I blame high school and my social life! Lol but I recently joined my church's dance team and I have rehearsal every Thursday and bte I perform next Friday! Weeks later I also joined my school's step team in which we practice tuesdays and Thursdays. AND on top of that I go to bible study tuesdays and church sundays.
And on top of that its homecoming week/school spirit week. Now I didn't just say that year long sob story for nothing I'm just giving a little explanation as to why I've been gone! That's all for now I'm working on a September favorites post it should be up by Monday or Tuesday I know its late but work with me here! Bye for now l!