Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Break is coming: How to earn cash!

Hey girlies,
So its about 3 or four more months until summer break starts and I know parents are getting stricter when it comes to just giving you money! So I will be finding out some ways for you to earn money so you can hit the beach and chill with friends!!!

The first way is through ShareASale
ShareASale is a website full of merchants who need help promoting or advertising for their  "small bussiness"
you help them by having a blog or website that you can advertise for them!

How do you make money?
you earn a commission everytime they sell something and you get 10.00 $ when you refer someone to signup and make money.
Now i just started this a month ago. You arent going to make 100 dollars in a day but you make money. There is no specific amount because every merchant has their own commission rate!

When your account balance reaches 50 dollars you get sent a check or you can set it up to where it goes direct deposit (if you have a bank or checking account) I love this way of making money!

Now of course i get 10.00 dollars when you sign up but then you can refer a friend and easily get 10.00 as well So go sign up I dare you click here

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whats in my purse 2013!

Hey girlies!!!!
I uploaded a video saturday as well and forgot to post a post telling so here it is!!! It's my what's in my purse 2013! In this vid I share all of the things I keep with me on the go!! Also in the beginning I include my new video and blog post schedule. Which is every Saturday and Wednesday I will post a video (also a blog post giving info and a link to that video will be up) and on Sunday I will post a blog post this is effective now (Jan 12,) until summer break at school!
So go check out my new video HERE!!!
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 hope you like it!!!!

Favortie products of 2012- My new Years Resolutions

Hey girlies,
So yet another video is up on my channel. In my video before then I announced my video and blog post schedule and im sticking to  it!!!!!!
This video is "Favorite Products of 2012- My New Years resolutions!" I decided that I'd do at least one new years realted video!!!!
And at the end you guys get to know my new years resolutions!! Do you think theyll be easy or hard!!!
I will have a post ready for you guys on Sunday! Also as i say in my video i just got the good news that my family got the house we had really wanted!!!!
and so my horrible backround of michael jackson (no offense) and stars and hearts will be forever gone
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 that no matter how useless you feel you're someone's reason to smile.:)

P.s. I can take constructicve criticisim like a champ so please give feedback!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New beauty guru tag!!!

Hey girlies!!!

A new video is up on my channel under the name of Urbandekyla155 (don't forget the extra 5 because it's different from my blogger username)

It's the new beauty guru tag!! I made the tag I don't know of any new tags out like this and the ones I tried looked at I felt didn't ask the right questions!
Things get really personal in this video! I really think you should check it out!

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Check it out here

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Haul! Forever 21, bath and body works and more!

Hey girlies!
So I went shopping today and saw a movie but you know I had to do a haul video!!! Sorry for the lighting! Subscribe to my channel and thumbs it up!!! And watch it in HD because you can!!!!!!!
Here is the link

Copy and paste it and give me your feedback in the comments!
Also for the time being I will not be doing posts for the month of January because I am trying to really work on my channel!!