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Hey everyone so I saw that one of my favorite beauty bloggers did the 40 beauty questions tag and so she tagged everyone and I decided that I would do it so long intro short lets get this done!!!

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
I wash my face about twice a day once in the morning and once before bed time!

2. What kind of skin do you have?
I have combination skin around my eyes and nose it gets pretty oily during the day but any where else its dry!

3. What is your current facial wash? I use Biore's 4 in 1 detoxifying cleanser and the combination skin balancing cleanser. And let me just say I love both I would recommend them to anyone!

4. Do you exfoliate?
As embarrassing as this sounds...No I don't

5. What brand do you use?

6. What moisturizer do you use? I use olay's ultra moisture lotion. Its not specifically for the face but it works well on mine!

7. Do you have freckles? Nope

8. Do you use eye cream? Yes I use olays total effects eye transforming cream twice a day!

9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Yes! Everytime I look up I have a new pimple that's why I always wash my face!

10. Did you ever use proactiv? Yes it worked alright it definitely needs to be upgraded!

11. What foundation do you use? I use Milani's multitasking foundation!

12. What about concealer? I use an e.l.f concealer but I can't remember the name.

13. Do you know your undertone color? Yes my undertone color is more of a brownish red

14. What do you think of fake eyelashes? I myself have naturally long eye lashes  so i only where them on special occasions!

15. What brand of mascara do you use? I use the maybeline falsies

16. Sephora or MAC? Sephora because its more of a wide range of brands and products!

17. Do you have a MAC pro-card? Nope I'm not that into MAC that much just because they are pricey I only buy from them once a year!

18. What makeup tools do you use in makeup application? I mainly use my sigma brushes!

19. Do you use make-up base/ primer for the eyes? Yes I use e.l.f 's eyelid primer

20. For the face? New york color smooth skin.perfecting primer

21. What's your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)? I use the e.lf. quad in the shades silver lining the most of all my shadows!

22. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? I don't use liquid or pencil that much but I use a lot
of the automatic eyeliners and the eyeliner markers!

23. How often do you poke your eyes with an eye pencil? A lot but not as much as I cry when I apply eyeliner!

24. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? I get dressed before I do my makeup and lets just say pigments aren't for me it gets on my clothes all the time so I just stopped using and buying pigment shadows!

25. Do you use mineral makeup? Yes sometimes!

26. What's your favorite lipstick? I'm curently using  revlon lip butters but they act just as good as lipstick!

27. How about lipgloss? Elf hypershine lip gloss I'm flirt!

28. What is your favorite blush to use? I dont use blush! It just doesn't look right on me!

29. Do you buy your makeup on ebay? Actually I didn't know they sold makeup on ebay but now that I know.... :)

30. Do you like drugstore makeup? I love drugstore makeup

31. Do you go to CCO's (cosmetic company outlets)? I went to pne once!

32. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes? Yea but I guess I never made the time to take one.

33. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? Sometimes when I'm rushing I drop the mascara wand a couple of times!

34.Name a makeup crime you hate? Idk if this is a crime but I hate it when people don't blend their shadows and I can see every color clearly oh and when people don't clean their makeup brushes!

35. Do you like colorful shades of makeup (eyeshadow lipstick) or neutral ones? I like when I can where makeup and people have to get up close to see that I have any on so I would have to say that I like neutral shades more!
36. Which celebrity always has great makeup? THE KARDASHIAN SISTERS I

37. If you could leave the house with just ONE makeup item it would be.... mascara because it makes your eyes pop so well!

38. Could you ever leave the house with no makeup on? I can! I go without makeup at least a couple times a month!

39. In your opinion what is the best makeup line? Milani because they have good quality products that are inexpensive!

40. What do you think about makeup? I love it and I'm so grateful for my mom for introducing me to makeup and showing me all the tricks!


My first week at a new school! 4 Tips on being at a new school!

Hey girlies it feels like ages since I posted but its only because of school. ( no excuse though) this post is not going to be about beauty or any thing just because i wanted to have a post as to why i was MIA. I started Wednesday agust the 22. The reason I was going to a new school in the first place was because of a few things. One my school lost its accreditation and two I just wanted a better quality education. And let me just say I love the school ( plus im not wearing uniform anymore) I'm going to now its so big and the district is very diverse (which I love). I made so many new friends and mostly everyone is nice. Now I'm a freshmen this year and so I just wanted to throw out a couple of tips if your a freshmen to or if your going to a new school!

1. Be yourself! I know this is sooo extremely cliche but its true. If you try to be someone your not yeah you might get some friends but they wont be your friend because of who you truly are. I learned that so well and I can honestly say that the friends I have made are my friends because I am 100% kyla!

2. Join clubs and athletics! Part of being you includes doing the activities you enjoy doing! So if you like softball ( like me) go tyrout if you like singing join chorus and so on. Doing stuff you like doing allows you to make friends that have the same interests as you!

3.Be nice! Don't think that being mean will get you many friends especially being new to the district! Having an attitude towards people will do the opppsite from getting you friends!

4. Dont be afraid to ask someone can u sit with them at lunch!
There are no assigned seats so sit where you want but if there's a group sitting and you want to sit there just ask nicely can you sit with them the worst thing they can do is say no!
So that the tips I have for you!!! I will be posting a lot this weekend to make up for lost time so stay tuned! Find me one
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Hey girlies so im sitting in this really cold cafe and I saw that i was tagged in my first post and I was so excited i forgot to do my  hearted fit of the day so here it is!

Here we have a bright coral orange tank top tucked into a pink coral pleated skirt and the blue envelope cluth just says this is summer!!!!


 This is the jewelry i would pair with this outfit!!!!


I would probably wear these tan and patent pink oxfords

So that is all girlies check back everyday for new posts definitely come back tomorrow to see what i wore on my first day of school!!
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Versatile Blogger Award: 7 facts about me

Hey girlies so I was tagged by Shiny Rags and Cheap Riches to do this post just giving 7 facts about me!

I hate Spaghetti!
I would love to go to John Jay university in New york!
I am double jointed in my legs and arms!
My favorite food is sushi
I Love photography!
I cringe when i see wide ruled notebook paper
I cant go to sleep without my house being very cold ( but then i regret it in the morning)


Hot Trends: Oversized sweaters

 How to avoid the wrath of Mr. Good Ol Winter: Essential Transition Pieces

Hey girlies! So if your reading this and you have seen my other blogs you would know that this one looks alot different! I have finally got my hands on a computer for the day and decided not only redesign my blog but to post also! It feels so different making this post from a computer because I started my blog on a phone and this is the first post from a computer. So enjoy because this is only temporary! I'll go back to using my phone tomorrow! Now on to why I made this post in the first place! 

Over sized sweaters!!!!
So yesterday I did my daily "I HEART IT" post and the one of the main pieces just so happen to be a oversized sweater! I asked you guys to comment below saying whether you wanted me to do a "Hot Trends" post on them today. I had no comments but I also had no idea what post I was going to post so i figured I'd just do the post.

My Opinion
I pesonally love this trend! What suprises me most is that it came out in the summer! I mean if you live in a predominantly cool climate (unlike me) than wear as many oversized sweaters you want. But if you are like me and your summer was as hot as mine.....WHY. And i have seen people where a sweater and it like 100 degrees outside. I am not going to lie I have worn a sweater or two this summer their addictive who cares hot it is! Now some oversized sweaters are made in a lighter material (like the one in my hearted outfit of the day) so you dont get as hot. My basic opinion is this trend is a HIT trend I dont know why but it just is and I think it might just stay for fall! what an awesome transition from summer to fall!

Kyla! Kyla! But How do I style such an awesome trend?
Well I am glad you asked! I feel that oversized sweaters is a trend that is more laid back! So I would probably where a pair of distressed skinny jeans or shorts (depending on the climate) . I have even seen people where leggings with them and still look cute! Some over sized sweater go off the shoulder so a bandeau or tank should go under! As far as jewelry one simple long necklace would be great. Throw on a pair of converse or vans and the outfit is complete!!

One More question! Where should should I wear my oversized sweater?
Good question! First off I wouldnt wear this to a date to a up scale restaurant! But I would wear this to the movies, the mall, and even just lounging around the house!!

Any Dos and Don'ts Kyla?
-get your sweater a couple sizes bigger (only if you want to but some sweaters come oversized)
-add a high wasted belt if you want the sweater to flatter you!
-put on a pair of high wasted shorts and tuck in the front part of the sweater!

- get your sweater too big otherwise you'll just look odly shaped  

This Post was so great where can I find a Oversized Sweater??American Eagle outfitters has a great deal on their sweaters check them out!

Kyla You have a great blog where else can i find you!
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So girls thats all please comment below you suggestions and opinions!!! Follow my blog and have a beautiful day!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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I HEART IT: Hearted outfit of the day!

Hey girlies so I feel that I have been on a posting roll today! This will have been my second post today! I know I've been doing that but for the past couple of days I have been a little MIA but it's only because I've been busy with school not because I'm getting bored I love what I do ( I say it like I've been doing this forever). But anyways, I was thinking from tomorrow on until the week is over I would start doing hearted arm candy instead of outfits just to change it up a bit! So comment below if you think it's a good idea or not! Now on to the hearted outfit of the day!!

So today's outfit is very laid back which is pretty much different from my past outfits which have more of a girly sense. Even though this outfit has a little of that  I think this is still a little bit different. This outfit also includes 2 of the hottest trends out right now! Yes! That's right you guessed it oversized sweaters and distressed shorts!

So this oversized sweater is a cream color base but it also has navy blue stripes! The person in this picture put a black tank under but some people just wear it with a bandeau but either way is fine!
The shorts she's wearing are both distressed and dark wash.
She threw on a simple necklace then grabbed her dark brown handbag and headed out!!

Now for shoes since they werent  pictured.
I would put on a pair of oxford the same color as her purse or a pair of navy blue vans to match the stripes either way you want to bring out 1 of the colors in this outit and put them in the shoes!!!

Do you like oversized sweaters too? Comment below if you would like a hot trends post on them!

All photos are gotten from weheartit UNLESS I say otherwise thank you so much and follow my blog!!!!

First day of school outfit ideas!!! Part 1

Hey girlies!! So some people have already started school but if you are like me and you haven't started yet then this is the post for you lol!! Or heck if you already have this can be helpful also!! I decided to make this post because I know that ome girls stay up all night worrying about what theyll wear on their first day. Well that is why I made this post I found some outfits on that will give you some inspiration maybe.
Hope this post inspires those who haven't started school yet but if you already have then oh well! SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE PICS!!

The first outfit is what I like to call the girly look. This outfit is basic enough for school but it still has a girly sense because of the floral addition! Basically this is a white tank top tucked into a high waisted floral print skirt also a black skinny belt was added to flatter just a little bit
You can find a floral print skirt similar to the one in the pic at forever21 for only 18.99
And the same tank at forever 21 for 4.50

The next outfit is dedicated to all the seniors out there that have senior-itus!! Lol so senior itus is basically when you're a senoir you start to be very laid back and not really care so here's a simple outfit for those who might have caught a case!! This is just a cream colored shirt teamed with a pair of mint green skinny just switch out the heels for a pair of converse and you're set!
Go to forever 21 online to find a top similar! also has a pair of skinnies in a similar color

Last outfit has no name but I really like it and would wear it myself on the first day if school. Here we have a white button down with 3/4 sleeves tucked into a really cute pair of navy blue lace shorts. Also a brown skinny belt is added! Add some cute arm candy and switch the purse with a cute oversized purse or bookbag and you are first day ready!!
I found a pair of lace shorts on Lulu's online website
And you can find a white button down similar at forever 21.

So that is all of part 1! I wasn't able to give links to the items even though I did find them where I said I found them.
What impression do you want to give on your first day of school??? Comment below!
I should be posting part 2 later on this week. I haven't been posting and I wanted to put something out there! Hope you enjoyed!! Follow my blog 4 more back to school posts!

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I HEART IT!!! Hearted outfit of the day!!

Hey girlies! So I know this is my only post of the day but its only because its taking a lot of work to do the post I've been wanting to put up for days and I lose track of time and by the time the day is up its too late to post. So I will continue the hearted outfits of the day there just wont be the two videos a day thing for a couple of days!! PIC OF THE OUTFIT IS ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM!

So the outfit I picked today is just so freaking cute that I have already went everywhere looking for items similar!!! The color striked me first I mean the solid coral red top with this coral red based floral print skirt is just a great pair!
I love the shirt the most because of you look closely the collar has gold embellishments on the tips which made room for the gold jewelry! She tucked the cute shirt into her floral print pencil skirt. She added a white belt to add a littla more definition to her hips! Now of course no necklace because of the collar but as you can see no shoes were pictured I'm a little delirious as to what shoes I would pair with these so comment below with your suggestions!!

That's all! Once again I'm sorry for not being able to do two posts but I will be going to my regular posting schedule next week! Comment below and follow my blog it free!!

So if you are new to my blog and you don't know what "I HEART IT" is I will give a brief explanation:
Everyday I go on this picture website ( linked below) called we heart it and I find either an outfit or something that I like and I put up a post on my blog about it! Now understand this.....none of the pictures I post on my "I HEART IT" posts are mine (UNLESS I SAY OTHERWISE) I give all credit to weheartit and whom ever the photos belong too!

Go check out mre great cute fashion photos on the site itself!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mall Haul! Bath n Body works, forever 21 and ELLE!!

Hey girlies!! So I haven't did a blog post in one day and I already feel OUT so that wont happen again! So I went to the mall to shop with my bestfriend today and I got a few things from my favorite stores!!!!! Also I got a new magazine to read!! SCROLL BELOW TO SEE PICS

Paris amour fragrance mist (travel sized) 6.00$- So this was basically free I had a coupon in the mail for a free travel sized signature collection item!
(I did the 5 for 5 deal on their pocket bac hand satitizers)
I got the following:
Bonjour-pink bloom
Groovy grape
Fresh lavender
Fresh market apple
Caribbean escape (not pictured)
Now originally the actual total would be 12.00 but since I also had a coupon for 20% off so my entire purchase was 5.25!!

FOREVER 21: only got two things:
Silver and black flower earrings- 1.50$
Black compact mirror 1.00

I also got my September edition of elle and its their biggeat issue this year is has 600 plus pages and who doesn't love the perfume samples they put in their magazines lol

So that is it evryone it wasn't that much but as a new fashion blogger i feel its necessary to share everything lol so follow my blog share your opinions below in the comments!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Outfit Of The Day!

Hey girlies! So I have another outfit of the day for you all! I put a lot of thought into this outfit and I was just headed to bible study! TO SEE PICS SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM!!

Black cropped zebra print love shirt- 15.99$- Simply Fashion
Red distressed capris- Bongo (kmart) 18.99$
butterfly mood necklace- Claire's 1$
Rhinestone rose ring 2$ flea market
Heart love earrings claires 1$

Although I didn't picture this below I wore a makeup look inspired by elfs silver lining! I also wore the hypershine lip gloss in the color flirt!

So that is what I wore to day thank you for reading and follow my blog!!!

I HEART IT: Hearted Outfit Of Yesterday!

Hey girlies! Once again another late post! But today was even bussy! I had to go get registered for school and on top of that I found out I can't go to school on the first day because I registered too late ( as in the day before) and then just a lot of extra stuff to do! SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR PICS
But here I am with a hearted outfit for you guys!
Now I know this isn't a full outfit but I'm pretty sure you get the just of it!

I just love it when someone can style polka dots...its not easy and this silk looking fabric really goes well with the gold belt and it goes well with what looks like a blue cardigan and so that is why this is my hearted outfit of the day!!!

So that is all comment below what you think!
What shoes would you put with this outfit? Comment below??

Makeup haul: e.l.f. & NYC Colors!

Hey girlies! So I have another haul and this time I bought a few more things! Mostly e.l.f. but they were all much needed! And suprisingly I only spent 10.00 on all!

I have been really trying to get into buying more makeup so I was really excited when I got the things I did! SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR PICS!

Nyc new york color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer shade 684- so I have been looking for a face primer or a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer but I figured i'd just start at low price and work my way up if it didn't work so I got this its not that much in the container but for only 1.99$ I just got it! Ill review it maybe!

Elf brightening eye color in Silver Lining- 1.00$ the colors in this quad made me get it in the first place! It has a cream white color a purple color a blue and then a peach/pink color I can't wait to where it!

Elf hypershine gloss in flirt 1.00$ I see that a lot of people have these I love the color by itself

Elf eyelid primer in sheer 1.00$ I definitely had to make a descision whether I wanted the 3.00 one or the 1.00 one so I just got the 1.00 dollar kind just because if I don't like it it really wont last that long and ill just get the 3 dollar kind next time!

Elf eye shadow brush 1815! So I heard a lot about these and even though they are a dollar they are really good quality!!

Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in midnight- I have never had an eyeliner pen so I had to get this I can't wait to to do a cateye lol

So that's all of my haul if you want a review on something just ask!!
Please follow my blog please and comment your opinions or suggestions!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I HEART IT: Hearted outfit of the day!!

Hey girlies so I'm not going to do a long intro because its 11:30 pm and I want this to go up before tomorrow.
Long story short today was very busy!!

I chose this outift because it was a little different from some of the others I have done!!

This is a white button down tucked into a red pencil skirt. Teamed up with a jean jacket and a pair of black strapped heels. The person also put a light tan hold all purse!

So that is all I didn't want to go too into this outfit because once again its late and I like to do two posts a day! ( at least before school starts).
So please follow my blog for more hearted outfits!

*I know it would be better if I told where you can find the clothing in these pictures I'm hearting but if I haven't told you yet I get these pics from and they don't explain stuff like that but I will look more into stuff like that!*

Drug Store Mini Haul!

Hey girlies! So I know I'm a little late posting but I was really bussy just getting ready for school but I have my first haul for you girls! I got payed today so I basically ran over to Walgreens and picked up a couple things. This post is going to be pretty simple and quick but I'll be very specific and don't forget I still have a hearted outfit for you all. But like I say in all my posts please scroll to the way bottom for pictures! (And swatches)

So the way that the Walgreens stores their makeup in my area is so hypnotizing because it is just a long wall of cosmetics....but although it was hard to put back most of the stuff I had (because is still had a phone bill to pay) I ended up with three thungs I HAD to get lol. So here they are!!

Sally hansen hard as nails nail polish ( in no hard feeling) -this is my first ever pastel purple color and I love how it looks in the bottle I hope looks as good on my nails!!

Wet n wild coloricon (in green)- it says on the packaging that its rich in color which I hope it is because I looooovvvveeeee color eyeliner!

Wet n wild coloricon eyeliner (in amethyst)

Well guys it wasn't a lot but I figured I'd still share hope you enjoyed comment your opinions or suggestions!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I HEART IT: My hearted outfit of the day!

Hey girlies! So today has been so busy that I almost forgot to do my hearted outfit of the day! ONCE AGAIN SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTON OF THIS POST TO SEE THE PIC FIRST!!

I am Really excited about this post And this outfit! So when I found this outfit I had went through about 20 or 30 pages before I found this. I was looking for something different from the others I have done.

This is a coral floral dress as I like to call it. It has a floral top that stops about 3inches from the bust. Now the floral print is just icing on top. The floral top has a sweet heart neckline along with ruffles at the top! Now the bottom (skirt) part of the dress is what I like to ca the SHABOOM! *lol* the skirt is my favorite color (coral/peach). It starts off with a thick band and the pleats that flow into the dress so well!

Now where do you where a dress so beautiful??
This isn't  just any old dress!
I would wear this to a wedding (if I wanted to steal the brides shine)
I would definitely wear this to church!
But as a teeneager I don't go to any big occasions (saying that this is a big occasion dress) so if your reading thos tell me where you would wear this! Comment below

In this picture this dress doesn't showcase any jewelry so also comment telling the jewelry you would team up with this dress!

Thank you for reading my blog! Please comment your opinions! And subscribe to my blog!

HIT OR MISS: Did Bella Thorne rock the green carpet at The Odd Life Of Timothy Green premiere

Hey ladies! So not too long ago they very anticipated movie "The Odd life of Timothy Green" came put and of course there was a premier party! And since Disney Channel promoted it a lot of Disney channel actors came out to support. Including the very pretty Bella Thorne from the hit show "Shake it up!". Now what did she show up in is the question?? So this post will go over everthing from head to toe. TO SEE PICTURES SCROLL DOWN TO THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS POST!

Bella Thorne went with a classy look
this time. Although she didn't steer away from her traditional bangs she did a half up half down do with some very loose curls! The hairstyle was very age appropriate! And btw I love her hair color she is a firey red head!!

Bella played is safe with her jewelry she wore two bangles on her left (your right) arm and a ring on her middle finger. Since the dress had a lot going on on the top and a high neck ling she didn't wear a necklace!

Now Belle didn't play it "safe" when it came to her dress. She wore a Ted Baker dress with a floral print top. Now seeings though Bella Thorne is only 14 years old I wouldn't have put her in it. The dress is form fitting. Now I'm not say she didn't look cute because she was beautiful but looked a little older to me. The dress is too innapropriate in my opinion.

Now the shoes on the other hand are so cute not too high of a heel. Dont look more than 2 inches. She wore a pair of black miu miu heels.

In closing this outfit is a HIT! But maybe for an older age group!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion!!
So share yours and comment below!

Thank you for reading this! Please follow my blog for more interesti g posts. Be on the lookout for a what's in my purse post in the next couple of days.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What to carry in your school purse: Highschool

Hey ladies! So I start school this Thursday and I know that I am racking my brain up with all the things I might need while in school!

So here's a list of things other than pencils and pens that you'll need to keep in your bag or locker:

Your favorite lip balm or lipgloss-- My lips constantly get chapped especially during the day. I keep both lip balm and lipgloss my lip balm is just blistex and I keep a nyx lipgloss.

Lotion-- I know that when I come from gym and running on the track my skin tends to get dry and I get ashy so I keep a travel size body of lotion from bath and body works in the scent moonlight path

Pen and paper: always keep this in your purse you never know when a cute boy will want your number lol

Gum/breath mints- If your school has the really unnecessary "no gum" rule I recommend breath mints like altoids but if your school is like mine carry both sometimes chewing gum is annoying and it forms bad habits like blowing bubbles and smacking! But carrying both can ensure fresh breath!

Compact mirror- classes don't have mirrors (at least the ones that teenagers look at to check they're selves out) so if you ever need to check if your hair is alright you'll have your handy dandy compact! Lol

Hair tie or stretchy headband- if you have long hair and it tends to be a mess when it hot you might need this to get your hair out of you face or even if you have gym!

Comb and brush- having a bad hair day?? Well just pull your comb and brush and fix that problem lol!

Well ladies that just happens to be all of my tips and ideas if you think I missed any just comment below. And tell me follow my blog y'all!!

Happy Sunday! OOTD! Butterflies, bows, and beauty!n

Goodmorning ladies! So I'm up early for church and since this is the only time I have been out of the house in about three days I decided to blog my OOTD! PICTURES ARE AT THE WAY BOTTOM OF THIS POST SO TO SEE PICTURE BEFORE I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING JUST SXROLL TO THE BOTTOM!!

Pink Butterfly charm necklace 1$ Claire's
Pink owl earrings 1$ Claire's
Turquoise leather flower ring 3.99$ Artsy fartsy (local)
Bow pearl bracelet 2.99 Forever 21
Black & silver bead bracelet UNKNOWN

Nails: ruby kisses Teal Envy

Coral pink tshirt 9.99$ Pacsun
Medium wash bermuda shorts 24.99 Dots
Black cami 5.00$ Simply gashions
Silver gladiators 10.00 local shoestore
Black Rivet Black crochet satchel 99.99$ Willsons leather
Perfume: p.s. I love you 12.00$ Bath and Body Works