Monday, December 31, 2012

Selling a beginners Ibanez guitar!

Hey girlies
So I am going on this saving spree to save up for the iPad andy mom gave me the idea to sell some of my old things so I decided to sell my beginners guitar!!
It's an Ibanez and I am selling it for 75 dollars it's 1year old I though I wanted to learn but then I got bored with it
I originally paid 120 dollars for it but I bout a DVD and a book that teaches you how to play and I'm including that with it so thats why it's 75 otherwise I would charge 50 but please if you are interested email me at you can also.comment below but I would probably tell you there to just email me.
Please help me out also I will be selling more things!!!
The guitar also comes with the carrying case a tuner the original guitar strap and a spare part and one guitar pick and the book and the DVD that's more than a good deal !!!

I will also be putting an eBay add out later in the week!!

My mini perfume and body spray collection!!!! My first YouTube video!

Hey Girlies what's up.

First I just want to say Merry Christmas (even though its over) and happy New year!!! I will be posting my What I got for Christmas post probably at the end of this week my laptop is down and so I'm very sorry for the lack of posting!!

So I don't know if many of you know but I launched my YouTube channel earlier in December!! But I was waiting for Christmas to hopefully get my camera but sadly I didn't
But my phone has pretty good quality so for January all my vids will be shot via my iPhone. I will be getting a camera in February though. But I went ahead and put a video out there it's my mini perfume and bday spray collection. I won't be doing a post on it though I'm still working a schedule out for videos and posts. But in the mean time check out the video at this link is right here copy the link paste it in your browser and enjoy!!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Chirstmas List!


Hey girlies whats up??
So Before I start this post I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to all of the families who had children involved in the shooting in Connecticut!

So it is official there is 7 days til Christmas!!! I know I cant wait. No not for the gifts but because people's spirits are always lifted on any holiday!!!
But I just wanted to share with yall my Christmas list!!!

Also before I start I wanted to say that the main thing that I wanted was to Redo my bedroom to give it a more organized teenager feel. I just moved into the house im in now about a year ago and I think its time to put my own touch on the room.So mist of the gift money my mom has for me is going toward that but its not that much. The color scheme I have for my room is Black White and turquoise.

1. Black curtains- I decided to keep thing simple when it came to my curtains I told my mom that if they had any designs that the color should be white or blue but i prefer all black!

2. Black and white bedding- I want something similar to the picture below because I googled this it doesnt have to have a bow but something simple but sweet. Though I dont want a pattern like the stipes becuase I want the pop of color to be the turquoise .

3. Black and turquoise decorative pillows- I really want these the most because like I said I want the pop of color to be turquoise so if i had a couple plain black pillows and then the rest turquoise or ones like below I would be okay.

4.Used vanity or dresser from thrift store (made of real wood)- I put this because you can find so many unique pieces at the thrift stores and so my plan was to sand it down and spray paint it black. So that would be a little advice to anyone looking for new furniture but kind of want to put your own twist to it.

5.Turquoise throw blanket- If you guys havent noticed my favorite color is mint green and tiffany blue. So to put at the bottom on my bed I decided to ask for a throw.

6. Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume- Im a belieber no doubt so I have to get Justin's new perfume!!
(doesnt he just look so smexi)))

7. Taylor Swift wonderstruck enchanted perfume- I have yet to try this one or even smell it but I loved the first one so I figured why not ask for it.

8. Plastic 3 drawer organizer- I already have one and I store my makeup in it and I love how efficient it is so I asked for more!

9. Color Contact in the color Honey- I already have color contacts and they are hazel and people think they are my natural eye color and I kind of wanted them to look more bold than natural so I'm going a color more enhanced with orange.

10.Clothing Rack- My closet it a basic wide closet with two doors and Sometimes its nerve racking to have to look for what I Put out to wear the next day so asked for a clothing rack to not only plan for the next day but for the whole week.

11. Cozy Socks- I dont know if I mentioned but its a known tradition to get cozy socks for christmas we have gotten them since i was ten (so about 5 years) so I didnt really have to put them on the list but oh well!

12.good quality headphones- Now I dont want beats but lets just say if I had a dollar for everytime my 2 dollar headphones have went out and I stupidly went and bought another pair I would have enough for beats. But still I just want a pair that cost more than 10 dollars and I want them to be bass enhanced because my phone has beats audio.

12. Lots of makeup- I dont have a specific brand but I know I just want makeup!

13. Makeup bag-full size and to go- I need not only a to go makeup bag but a full size so i can put my everyday makeup routine in there.

SO that is all ladies!!!
I will be doing a Christmas Haul (or what I got for christmas)
Also I Just made the channel for my beauty channel where I will start posting January the 1st The name is Kyla Martin for now but I will soon be changing to to Urbandekyla15 so go and subscribe please and stay tuned for videos...


Friday, December 7, 2012

Tis The Season Tag!!

Hey girlies happy Friday. Today I have a Tag for yall! I was tagged by Meghan !!!! This is a really fun tag and I love making posts that have something to do with the season we are currently in (i.e. Christmas)
So here we go!!!

1. As of right now, how many sleeps until Christmas?As of right now I have 18 sleeps until Christmas....Honestly I wouldnt know this is if my my phone didnt have the countdown widget!!

2. What is number one on your wish list?I am so glad this question is on here!!! I would have to say the number one thing on my list has to be a camcorder!! I plan on starting Youtube videos (beauty of course) either the beginning of this year or as soon as I get it I want the JVC Everio Full HD Memory Camcorder!! I have been wanting to start videos earlier in the year and i figured the beginning of this yearwould be a great time!!

3. How do you get in the holiday spirit?
Decorating!! I decorate my bedroom, my locker at school, my gym locker at school. I think that moment where thre family gets together to decorate the tree really sets in the fact that Christmas is finally here!! Also when I go christmas shopping that also helps me get in the Christmas spirit and not worry about the amount of money I spend or the hours of gift wrapping!!

4. What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house?At my house on Christmas Eve we bake cookies and turn on Christmas music and watch a Christmas movie. We all stare anxiuosly at the gifts under the tree trying to makeout the form of what some of the gifts to guess what they are. When my mom's not looking me and my sister look at the to and from stickers on the gift and feel the gifts! Weird huh??

5. How does Santa operate at your house?
We had the tradition of stocking since we were kids and we still do it. In our stockings we get candy and little small objects that no one feels like wrapping! We never go with anyone who goes christmas shopping its all a huge suprise. We put presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.

6. What's a tradition you love?
A tradition that we do is on christmas eve we bake cookies and play christmas music then watch a christmas movie. Me and my sister stare anxiously at the gifts under the tree and mainly at the form of the gifts to think about what they could be. But a week before me and my sister go on a hunt for the gifts because my mom (or santa) hides them from us until christmas eve (even though we dont do anything with them),

7. Do you give gifts?
Yes I do! I take joy in doing so! I have been giving gifts for two years now. Before I got my own money I would have to ask my mom from the money but since last year I have been able to save up the money and buy gifts for friends and family!!

8. What's your favorite holiday drink?My favorite holiday drink would have to be Costa Rican coffee my mom goes there every year the first week of December with her job and for the past 4 years has brought me some back! The coffee tastes sooooo good!!! Other than that homemade peppermint hot chocolate (which I will be doing a DIY for) it tastes sooo freaking good.

9. What about your favorite food?Christmas cookies!! I love any type of cookies though on Christmas!!

10. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Elf!! I think that is every one's favorite movie but I also like the "The Grinch who stole Christmas" but not the cartoon version the cartoon version er ks my nerves!!!!

11. If you worked in Santa's Workshop, what would you be doing?This is actually harder than I thought this would be!!! I would probably be the technical person (working with the naughty and nice list fixing things etc) by day and then a comedian by night because I'm a funny person!

12. Can YOU do this tag? Yes YOU can!! Everyone can but I wanted to tag a few specific people!



I hope to see them all and I know you all cant wait until CHRISTMAS!!
And if you didn't peep that I will be starting Youtube videos this month (towards the end) don't worry I will be making a post dedicated to it explaining everything!
I might make an account now!!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday Haul!!!! Ulta, Rue 21, B&BW and MORE!

Hey girlies, first let me say sorry for beung so kate with this haul! My computer was acting funny and I had a book report due so i kept putting it off but better late than never. I got so many good deals! I went to the and Body Works, Rue 21, vf Outlet, ulta, and walmart! This was my very first Black Friday experience and I enjoyed every cold bit of it!! ( I mean freezing cold)
A month ago my best friend invited me to go Black Friday with her this year and of course i said yes! We went out of town to illinois for shopping we got ther at about 12 oclock am! I shopped until I was broke! Literally!!! I guess it's kind of good that I am doing this haul a little later because Ive had a whole week to try things out!
So I am going to go in the order of the stores I went to so I dont miss a thing!!

First I went to this store called Vf Outlet which is basically a tjmax! But the prices are way lower!

I got this addorable nine west crossbody purse!

Its in a really cute nutmeg color and peep the price tag It was originally 32.00$ and They took the price to $15.00 a little more than 50% off plus I had a coupon that made this $12.75 wow!!

Next I got two 6  packs of Steve Madden socks!

The original orice was 14.00 they took the price down to 6.00 and then they took it down more to 3.99 and with my coupon the price was 2.75 each!!!

Next I went to Rue 21! I am still curious as to whether rue 21 and forever 21 are made by the same people!

I got 3 t shirts with the like cutestest sayings on them all the shirts were 3$ off of the 3$ rack

The first one says "Call You Maybe" this is after Carly Rae Jepsen's song Call me maybe!! And get this the shirt was only 3$ I also got another one like this for my sister so we could match at school!

this one says "swag." kinda like this shirt but its not as thick as you think I had to wear an undershirt with it! But I still like it!

Then I got this it says "Fix Ur Fresh" I really like this one the second most lol !!! I love their t shirts! Plus the shirts were buy one get one half off so I paid reg price (3$) for two and the other two were 1.50!!

Then I got a pair of earrings for my mom she cut her hair a while ago and she really likes big dangley earrings

NEXT I went to Bath and Body works also known as the place where I did my most damage!!

First they had all of their signature collections and summer scents sale for 75% off so I got two lotions and two sprays

I got Twilight Woods for my mom and sister to share!

Next I got Malibu heat for myself!!

Next I got a travel size set (a spray and a lotion) in the scent "Love Love Love" they were half off
so the spray was 1.50 and the lotion was 3.00

Then I got 5 hand sanitizers!!!

(left to right) Berry Twinkle, Winter Candy apple,  Twister Peppermint, Holly Berry Wreath, Winter Cranberry!!
I also got a scentportable car clip and two scents in frosted cupcake and something balsm for my mom!!

Last I went to Ulta and picked up two things! An ulta just opened about 30 min from my house and so I kinda just went in to just look but I ended up buying something anyways (and spending almost the rest of my money!!

SO I GOT THIS 25 color compact from the brand Beauty Gems!

The blush colors arent my favorite at all ( i dont use them) the lip colors are okay
but the shadow colors are so cute and they have created so many pretty looks from this palette this week!

Then I got my first EOS lip balm in strawberry ( i think)

I Lied my bad I went to walgreens to see if they had my nailpolish i mentioned in my black friday lust list post but i didnt find that but I ended up getting another color "Sinful Colors Mint apple" very cute color

I didnt get anything on my black friday lust list but I god some really cute things!!!
Hopefully we can do this again next year!!!
Do you girls want to see a what I got for christmas haul!?????

Likes or dislikes about this post comment below I take all comments the right way !!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Lust List!!!

Hi girlies!!!!
So Black Friday is four days away!!!
And for those of you who might live in another country or so and dont get to experience it.....Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving when almost everything everywhere go on sale! People literally camp out in front of their favorite stores to get some really great deals. This will be my very first time doing big black friday shopping mainly because my mom's not for waiting in long lines and maybe having a fight over "the last item" that she wanted that someone else did. (THAT'S REALLY HOW IT IS) but this year I have the opportunity to! My best friend invited me to go black Friday shopping with her and her mom this year. We are leaving to Illinois Thursday night to go to this really nice mall and then we are coming back to where we live to do some damage there. I just wanted to give a list of somethings I am out on the lookout for
 Black friday is also the time a lot of people do some christmas shopping to get unbelievable prices (in which you do) Ive heard of people actually passing out and getting hurt!!! 

First I am on the lookout for leggings but not just any thin cheap pair of leggings!! Im looking for sweater leggings! They are made of a thicker material and are priced a little hire because of the good quality. They are made for the winter! I cant wait to get them and pair them with combat boots!

The next item im on the look out for is a pair of tribal print leggings they don't really have to be made of the sweater material but it would be nice!!

Next I will be looking for a really comfy soft sweater! I want it in either a black or gray. if i find it oversized then i would love that! nothing to abstract because i want to be able to wear it more than once!
this one looks pretty and oversized!

I really hate when i go to the dollar store and buy a pair of headphones for like 2 bucks and they end up breaking within two to defeat all of the worry i just want to splurge on a nice pair that i know will last. im not talking about beats splurging but these pair from skull candy will do!!

Next I hope to find a pair ofconverse on sale !!!
they usually run like 45 or 50 bucks half off would be nice !!!! I really like the style of these shoes and they fit my feet so well and all throughout my child hood i wore only converse nothing other than that lol!!

Next as far as makeup goes!! I want to go on E.L.F. and hoepfully find that their palettes are 1/2 off  because that is waht one of my sisters requested for christmas ! she loves makeup and beauyt just as me and i think this would be a great addition to her collection!

this is the 100 piece palette

I myself for myself would love to find the new Jumbo eyeshadow and lipgloss sticks on sale so i can get them all!

I really want to find a sinful colors nailpolish in the color cinderella i saw it at walgreens the other day and fell in love so i have made a promise to myself to find it on sale (if i dont ill just purchase it for regular price!

Well ladies that is all wish me luck on my black friday adventure....hope that i come back in one piece!!!!

Also all the clothes items i named off i hope to wear to school before the weather gets too too bad!

I just got my elf order in that i order 3 weeks ago! I will be doing a haul but I still dont know if ill do that seperate from the black friday haul or together???

So what are you looking forward to finding during black friday tell me in the comments below!

Thank you for reading have a great day!!!