Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whisper by COLORsensational

Hello girlies!!!

SO I have a review!! And usually I would make this long drawn out speech about my absence but if you want to know about all of that I will be explaining just a little bit in the end of this post!!

So I will be reviewing the maybelline color whisper tinted lip balms today!!
There has been some major hype of this product and they are even said to be better that the Revlon Lip Butters *gasps* ( comment below if you want a comparison vid or post!!

So this product sells from 5.00-5.99 at the most (which even though this isnt a comparison that is cheaper than the Revlon Lip Butters)

they have 20 shades! I on the other hand picked up only one (in a plum prospect) because I was just testing them out but I will be going back for more.

The packaging is very attractive although at my local target they didnt have any type of protective seal on them!

So below is a swatch of the shade I got ( A plum prospect)

Now on to the actual product its self. This is a tinted lip balm not a lip stick so if you bought this thinking you would get the exact color you see.....think again. I love this in my opinion because Im always looking for the perfect color that wont make me look super mature but at the same time gives some color. This is it! I love lip stick dont get me wrong but this is a "win-win". You get the best of both a lipstick and a chapstick. It feels so smooth when you apply and the color comes right on so there is no need to do multiple coats. 

Well thats my review! I hope you liked it!!! And I really hope you go out and try this product out!!!
If you have any product you want me to try out and review feel free to comment below!!

Once again I am so sorry for the lack of posting!! I'm not even going to tell the traditional beauty blogger/guru lie that I was bust physically but mentally my head has been racking up with priorities and making posts had been way far from the first thing I though about!!!
But ladies I think I'm back at it I caught my second wind and I'm ready!! 
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