Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Favortie products of 2012- My new Years Resolutions

Hey girlies,
So yet another video is up on my channel. In my video before then I announced my video and blog post schedule and im sticking to  it!!!!!!
This video is "Favorite Products of 2012- My New Years resolutions!" I decided that I'd do at least one new years realted video!!!!
And at the end you guys get to know my new years resolutions!! Do you think theyll be easy or hard!!!
I will have a post ready for you guys on Sunday! Also as i say in my video i just got the good news that my family got the house we had really wanted!!!!
and so my horrible backround of michael jackson (no offense) and stars and hearts will be forever gone
Please subscribe and have a beautiful day and remember
 that no matter how useless you feel you're someone's reason to smile.:)

P.s. I can take constructicve criticisim like a champ so please give feedback!!!

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