Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Break is coming: How to earn cash!

Hey girlies,
So its about 3 or four more months until summer break starts and I know parents are getting stricter when it comes to just giving you money! So I will be finding out some ways for you to earn money so you can hit the beach and chill with friends!!!

The first way is through ShareASale
ShareASale is a website full of merchants who need help promoting or advertising for their  "small bussiness"
you help them by having a blog or website that you can advertise for them!

How do you make money?
you earn a commission everytime they sell something and you get 10.00 $ when you refer someone to signup and make money.
Now i just started this a month ago. You arent going to make 100 dollars in a day but you make money. There is no specific amount because every merchant has their own commission rate!

When your account balance reaches 50 dollars you get sent a check or you can set it up to where it goes direct deposit (if you have a bank or checking account) I love this way of making money!

Now of course i get 10.00 dollars when you sign up but then you can refer a friend and easily get 10.00 as well So go sign up I dare you click here

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