Monday, September 3, 2012

I be Hauling! Nail polosh haul!!

Hey girlies so its about time for a haul! If you follow me on twitter you would know that I came from walgreens not long ago! And let me just say I got some great deals on some nail polish! Btw if you have a Walgreens near you all of their sinful colors nailpolish is on sale for 99 cents (usually 1.99$) so here is my haul!

Wet n wild shine:
Bijou blue -$ .99
Caribean frost - 99 cents
Clear nail protector 99 cents

Sinful colors:
Slate 99 cents
Top shine 99 cents

So this is my first time buying from either of these brands and with the deals I got I might buy them again!
Now the color that I was really excited to buy was Caribbean frst because of the different colors it gives off at different angles!
So there are pics below
From left to right bijou blue & Caribbean frost

So thank you for checking out this haul ! It is completly free to follow my blog and follow on twitter @bieberfeva_omg
I didn't picture the clear coats because they r both clear!

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