Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Shoe Lust List!!! Steve Madden Charlette Russe and more!

Hey girlies!!!
So I don't know what is wrong with me but all of a sudden I have been wanting all of these things! IDK if it is because i have been watching a lot of hauls on YouTube (which happens a lot) or what but I know I want to buy them! This isn't one of those "if i have the money" lists this is a "I will have the money and I will get it" (mainly because they have been on my mind like crazy!!! So I decided to create a lust list maybe I'm not crazy and you guys have the same items on you brain!!!

Combat boots!!!!!

Ever since the trend came out I have wanted them!! Here are a couple pair i have in mind!
 Steve Madden - Troopa boots

 I really like these boots! I found out about them from Youtube (no brainer)! This was originally going to just put these on my Christmas list mainly because of the price but then I figured with black friday coming up i would maybe catch a half off sale (maybe)! they are $99.95 and i want them in the color you see them in above! I am only almost willing to pay that 100 dollars for the quality im the type who would love a lotta bang for my buck  You can find them here

GoJane Mid Rise Combat boots

Now considering the price of the troopa boots that i wansnt going to pay unless they were on some type of sale I did a little  price shopping and stumbled upon GoJane Ive heard a little about them! But I never heard that they had such great prices on shoes ! I really like the boots up there I would love if they were in a dark brown or taupe color but for only $28.00  I just might compromise and according to the reviews the boots are true to size and are good quality! You can find them here!

Riding Boots
I only have one pair in mind and I am glad I found them!

Charlette Russe - Zip Back Pleather Knee-High Boot

In my search for the perfect pair of riding boots I passed so many cute styles but they were expensive my price range is more under 100 dollars! These are only 40.00 and I love them in the color they are in charlette russe always has cute shoes you can find them here!

Go Jane- Studded wedge sneackers!
 I couldnt find a picture but they are really cute I want to get them in the navy blue color....Wedge sneakers???? Who would have thought that the most comfortable shoe and the most worn type of heel would be mixed together???? they are only $34.40 and the heel is only 3 inches so its possible to wear them to school! Click here to go see them! 

TOMS- Black glitters


These are just a practical comfrtable shoe that can never go out of style!! I only want the black glitters though because I heard the other colors glitters get dirty (im pretty sure the black glitters get dirty too but you cant see that) And plus black goes with everything!! Although people do say that TOMS make your feet stink!! idk if im ready for that!! But they are 54 dollars and you can find them here.

TOMS snow leopard vegan classics

 Im not nessicarily getting these for the fact that they are vegan (im just a vegetarian) but they are just cute!! I might put them on my christmas list!!! once again only $54.00  (which is the main price they run) now you could always go to and see these but since im generous go here instead

 Last but not least!

I have never owned a pair of vans but i really like how they look on other people so this is definitely going on my Christmas list if i dont get them first! they are 55.00 dollars and you can get them here

Well girls that is all for today
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xoxox KYLA


  1. The Steve Madden combat boots are to die for. I was looking at them at Macy's just yesterday. I really like your blog!


    1. aww thank you!!! I myself thoguh am waiting for them to hopefully go half off on black friday!!

  2. I LOVE vans, especially those ones!! I don't have any pairs either :P ----> check it out! <3

    1. I see everyone with them so i figure why not go and get a pair especially since they are under 75 dollars