Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY- Inexpensive Olive Oil Makeup Remover!!!

Hey girlies!!!!
So this is my very first DIY!!!! So I dislike having to go out and buy new makeup remover every month or so beause lets all be honest and say that we wear makeup almost every day and a 30 count pack of remover wipes dont last that long and if you are like me and you like a good quality remover and dont care the price it can cost a lot to remove makeup! So today I am going to give you a DIY today you only need two things and its super dooper (dooper??) cheap (you literally only need to buy 1 thing).

What you'll need?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- you can find this at the grocery store for les than 5 bucks and before you go to the store look through your kitchen you might just already have it (then that would make this whole DIY free)

Water-if you want superb quality from this DIY go get distilled or purified water (or just sit a cup of water out for a day and then itll be distilled!

Old travel sized spray bottle- dont throw away your travel sized bath and body works spray bottle use this ( i ended up using an old travel sized hand santitizer bottleyou can too)

Cotton swabs (or tissue or paper towels)


1) fill the container almost 75% up with the extra virgin olive oil

2) add a little bit of water (dont fill all the way up)\

3) shake 

4) wipe off your makeup!!

Testiminal: I have used this at least twice and when it comes to my eye makeup it only takes 1 minute (maybe even that) the get everything off! Even that mascara that usually takes years (not really) to get off!!!
Not only does this get makeup off but for those who have dry skin extra virgin olive oil actually helps your skin because its a natural oil and most of the time its found in lotions like jergens and vaseline lotions.. And even if you have oily skin the oil cant get into your pores because the oil particles are too big. So this is somethign good for everyone

Did you like my very first DIY? comment below you suggestions and comments

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  1. Sounds easy! I hate buying makeup remover wipes and I just ran out of mine. I think I'll try this!

  2. I'll definitely try that!!
    Thanks for stopping by my page, now following :)

  3. This is supper cool and afordable! I will have to try it! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following you now :)

  4. great idea ill definitely try that out! xx