Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Lust List!!!

Hi girlies!!!!
So Black Friday is four days away!!!
And for those of you who might live in another country or so and dont get to experience it.....Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving when almost everything everywhere go on sale! People literally camp out in front of their favorite stores to get some really great deals. This will be my very first time doing big black friday shopping mainly because my mom's not for waiting in long lines and maybe having a fight over "the last item" that she wanted that someone else did. (THAT'S REALLY HOW IT IS) but this year I have the opportunity to! My best friend invited me to go black Friday shopping with her and her mom this year. We are leaving to Illinois Thursday night to go to this really nice mall and then we are coming back to where we live to do some damage there. I just wanted to give a list of somethings I am out on the lookout for
 Black friday is also the time a lot of people do some christmas shopping to get unbelievable prices (in which you do) Ive heard of people actually passing out and getting hurt!!! 

First I am on the lookout for leggings but not just any thin cheap pair of leggings!! Im looking for sweater leggings! They are made of a thicker material and are priced a little hire because of the good quality. They are made for the winter! I cant wait to get them and pair them with combat boots!

The next item im on the look out for is a pair of tribal print leggings they don't really have to be made of the sweater material but it would be nice!!

Next I will be looking for a really comfy soft sweater! I want it in either a black or gray. if i find it oversized then i would love that! nothing to abstract because i want to be able to wear it more than once!
this one looks pretty and oversized!

I really hate when i go to the dollar store and buy a pair of headphones for like 2 bucks and they end up breaking within two to defeat all of the worry i just want to splurge on a nice pair that i know will last. im not talking about beats splurging but these pair from skull candy will do!!

Next I hope to find a pair ofconverse on sale !!!
they usually run like 45 or 50 bucks half off would be nice !!!! I really like the style of these shoes and they fit my feet so well and all throughout my child hood i wore only converse nothing other than that lol!!

Next as far as makeup goes!! I want to go on E.L.F. and hoepfully find that their palettes are 1/2 off  because that is waht one of my sisters requested for christmas ! she loves makeup and beauyt just as me and i think this would be a great addition to her collection!

this is the 100 piece palette

I myself for myself would love to find the new Jumbo eyeshadow and lipgloss sticks on sale so i can get them all!

I really want to find a sinful colors nailpolish in the color cinderella i saw it at walgreens the other day and fell in love so i have made a promise to myself to find it on sale (if i dont ill just purchase it for regular price!

Well ladies that is all wish me luck on my black friday adventure....hope that i come back in one piece!!!!

Also all the clothes items i named off i hope to wear to school before the weather gets too too bad!

I just got my elf order in that i order 3 weeks ago! I will be doing a haul but I still dont know if ill do that seperate from the black friday haul or together???

So what are you looking forward to finding during black friday tell me in the comments below!

Thank you for reading have a great day!!!



  1. I really want to try the elf jumbo lip gloss sticks!! Nice post! :)

  2. Wow! that's so lucky!
    Where I come from, whenever there's a holiday everybody takes advantage and prices go over the top!

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