Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday Haul!!!! Ulta, Rue 21, B&BW and MORE!

Hey girlies, first let me say sorry for beung so kate with this haul! My computer was acting funny and I had a book report due so i kept putting it off but better late than never. I got so many good deals! I went to the and Body Works, Rue 21, vf Outlet, ulta, and walmart! This was my very first Black Friday experience and I enjoyed every cold bit of it!! ( I mean freezing cold)
A month ago my best friend invited me to go Black Friday with her this year and of course i said yes! We went out of town to illinois for shopping we got ther at about 12 oclock am! I shopped until I was broke! Literally!!! I guess it's kind of good that I am doing this haul a little later because Ive had a whole week to try things out!
So I am going to go in the order of the stores I went to so I dont miss a thing!!

First I went to this store called Vf Outlet which is basically a tjmax! But the prices are way lower!

I got this addorable nine west crossbody purse!

Its in a really cute nutmeg color and peep the price tag It was originally 32.00$ and They took the price to $15.00 a little more than 50% off plus I had a coupon that made this $12.75 wow!!

Next I got two 6  packs of Steve Madden socks!

The original orice was 14.00 they took the price down to 6.00 and then they took it down more to 3.99 and with my coupon the price was 2.75 each!!!

Next I went to Rue 21! I am still curious as to whether rue 21 and forever 21 are made by the same people!

I got 3 t shirts with the like cutestest sayings on them all the shirts were 3$ off of the 3$ rack

The first one says "Call You Maybe" this is after Carly Rae Jepsen's song Call me maybe!! And get this the shirt was only 3$ I also got another one like this for my sister so we could match at school!

this one says "swag." kinda like this shirt but its not as thick as you think I had to wear an undershirt with it! But I still like it!

Then I got this it says "Fix Ur Fresh" I really like this one the second most lol !!! I love their t shirts! Plus the shirts were buy one get one half off so I paid reg price (3$) for two and the other two were 1.50!!

Then I got a pair of earrings for my mom she cut her hair a while ago and she really likes big dangley earrings

NEXT I went to Bath and Body works also known as the place where I did my most damage!!

First they had all of their signature collections and summer scents sale for 75% off so I got two lotions and two sprays

I got Twilight Woods for my mom and sister to share!

Next I got Malibu heat for myself!!

Next I got a travel size set (a spray and a lotion) in the scent "Love Love Love" they were half off
so the spray was 1.50 and the lotion was 3.00

Then I got 5 hand sanitizers!!!

(left to right) Berry Twinkle, Winter Candy apple,  Twister Peppermint, Holly Berry Wreath, Winter Cranberry!!
I also got a scentportable car clip and two scents in frosted cupcake and something balsm for my mom!!

Last I went to Ulta and picked up two things! An ulta just opened about 30 min from my house and so I kinda just went in to just look but I ended up buying something anyways (and spending almost the rest of my money!!

SO I GOT THIS 25 color compact from the brand Beauty Gems!

The blush colors arent my favorite at all ( i dont use them) the lip colors are okay
but the shadow colors are so cute and they have created so many pretty looks from this palette this week!

Then I got my first EOS lip balm in strawberry ( i think)

I Lied my bad I went to walgreens to see if they had my nailpolish i mentioned in my black friday lust list post but i didnt find that but I ended up getting another color "Sinful Colors Mint apple" very cute color

I didnt get anything on my black friday lust list but I god some really cute things!!!
Hopefully we can do this again next year!!!
Do you girls want to see a what I got for christmas haul!?????

Likes or dislikes about this post comment below I take all comments the right way !!


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