Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul!!!!!

Hey girlies!!!!! So I just received my Bath and Body works order in the mail (literally just got home and saw the package on my porch) and I thought before I even think about using any of these before I hauled them!!!! I have been talking about the order ever since Saturday! I also got a ELF order but it has yet to make it here :(!! I am a coupon clipper so this order only cost me like 15 dollars because I had a 20% off coupon from them and a coupon to get a travel sized item free!!!

Here It goes: 

FIRST OFF LET ME JUST SAY I HAD A MINI HEART ATTACK WHEN I THOUGHT MY CANDLES WERENT THERE BUT THEY WERE!!!! ( They also literally filled most of the box with that brown tissue)

So that is the order!!!

Now lets get more detailed!

I am a fan of the 5 for 5 hand sanitizer so I had to get some this is VANILLA BEAN NOEL one of the Christmas scents but they had them out earlier so i went ahead and got smells so good.

This is SIMPLY RAIN and this has no glitter or none of the little blue beads in there its simple and thats why I got it. I smells very simple and although im not a simple person it still smelled just right for me!

This is WINTER SPICE VANILLA another winter scent!! When I first smelled this I automatically smelled the spice and smells so great!!!

Another winter scent!! This is FRESH SPARKLING SNOW...this is indeed a fresh scent it has glitter and the color of the bottle is too cute (attention span)

This is PINK DIAMOND! it smells fruity like skittles and I'm not going to lie but I did kind of want to taste it lol but lets all be glad I didnt!!!

Last one and I saved the best for last! dedicated to HALLOWEEN....This is BOO MARSHMALLOW!! lol this is one of the many halloween scents and if you hurry now you can get them for 75 cents!! It actually does smell like marshmallows and here is a blonde moment for ya! I was smelling this santitizer (before I knew it smelled like marshmallow) and I was like "hmmmm doesnt smell like boo" lol just thought i would share!

The one scent that B&BW has been promoting the most so I had to snag it when i got a coupon to get a free travel size item....I dont really know what it smells like because you actually have to put it on to smell it so I didnt really do that but I have heard good things about it that its a strong smell!

I also got two mini candles (2 for 5) they are actually pretty small so if you do get mini candles get multiple!!
This is AUTUMN it smells devine! I cant wait to light it!

And I got the infamous LEAVES candle everyone loves it I love it even when its not fall im going to get more to last me through winter for when they stop selling them!

also bath and body works litterally filled the box with a lot of good coupons

What good deals huh???
They even threw in a 2012 christmas gift guide!!!

 I love everything I got here is another picture
Thank you for taking a look at my haul!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! be safe and have a beautiful day!!!


xoxoxoxo KYLA

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  1. Great haul! I'm so excited to pick some of this stuff up during the Black Friday Sale!