Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Chirstmas List!


Hey girlies whats up??
So Before I start this post I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to all of the families who had children involved in the shooting in Connecticut!

So it is official there is 7 days til Christmas!!! I know I cant wait. No not for the gifts but because people's spirits are always lifted on any holiday!!!
But I just wanted to share with yall my Christmas list!!!

Also before I start I wanted to say that the main thing that I wanted was to Redo my bedroom to give it a more organized teenager feel. I just moved into the house im in now about a year ago and I think its time to put my own touch on the room.So mist of the gift money my mom has for me is going toward that but its not that much. The color scheme I have for my room is Black White and turquoise.

1. Black curtains- I decided to keep thing simple when it came to my curtains I told my mom that if they had any designs that the color should be white or blue but i prefer all black!

2. Black and white bedding- I want something similar to the picture below because I googled this it doesnt have to have a bow but something simple but sweet. Though I dont want a pattern like the stipes becuase I want the pop of color to be the turquoise .

3. Black and turquoise decorative pillows- I really want these the most because like I said I want the pop of color to be turquoise so if i had a couple plain black pillows and then the rest turquoise or ones like below I would be okay.

4.Used vanity or dresser from thrift store (made of real wood)- I put this because you can find so many unique pieces at the thrift stores and so my plan was to sand it down and spray paint it black. So that would be a little advice to anyone looking for new furniture but kind of want to put your own twist to it.

5.Turquoise throw blanket- If you guys havent noticed my favorite color is mint green and tiffany blue. So to put at the bottom on my bed I decided to ask for a throw.

6. Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume- Im a belieber no doubt so I have to get Justin's new perfume!!
(doesnt he just look so smexi)))

7. Taylor Swift wonderstruck enchanted perfume- I have yet to try this one or even smell it but I loved the first one so I figured why not ask for it.

8. Plastic 3 drawer organizer- I already have one and I store my makeup in it and I love how efficient it is so I asked for more!

9. Color Contact in the color Honey- I already have color contacts and they are hazel and people think they are my natural eye color and I kind of wanted them to look more bold than natural so I'm going a color more enhanced with orange.

10.Clothing Rack- My closet it a basic wide closet with two doors and Sometimes its nerve racking to have to look for what I Put out to wear the next day so asked for a clothing rack to not only plan for the next day but for the whole week.

11. Cozy Socks- I dont know if I mentioned but its a known tradition to get cozy socks for christmas we have gotten them since i was ten (so about 5 years) so I didnt really have to put them on the list but oh well!

12.good quality headphones- Now I dont want beats but lets just say if I had a dollar for everytime my 2 dollar headphones have went out and I stupidly went and bought another pair I would have enough for beats. But still I just want a pair that cost more than 10 dollars and I want them to be bass enhanced because my phone has beats audio.

12. Lots of makeup- I dont have a specific brand but I know I just want makeup!

13. Makeup bag-full size and to go- I need not only a to go makeup bag but a full size so i can put my everyday makeup routine in there.

SO that is all ladies!!!
I will be doing a Christmas Haul (or what I got for christmas)
Also I Just made the channel for my beauty channel where I will start posting January the 1st The name is Kyla Martin for now but I will soon be changing to to Urbandekyla15 so go and subscribe please and stay tuned for videos...


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  1. Merry Christmas!! And I hope all your wishes come true :)