Monday, December 31, 2012

Selling a beginners Ibanez guitar!

Hey girlies
So I am going on this saving spree to save up for the iPad andy mom gave me the idea to sell some of my old things so I decided to sell my beginners guitar!!
It's an Ibanez and I am selling it for 75 dollars it's 1year old I though I wanted to learn but then I got bored with it
I originally paid 120 dollars for it but I bout a DVD and a book that teaches you how to play and I'm including that with it so thats why it's 75 otherwise I would charge 50 but please if you are interested email me at you can also.comment below but I would probably tell you there to just email me.
Please help me out also I will be selling more things!!!
The guitar also comes with the carrying case a tuner the original guitar strap and a spare part and one guitar pick and the book and the DVD that's more than a good deal !!!

I will also be putting an eBay add out later in the week!!

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