Friday, December 7, 2012

Tis The Season Tag!!

Hey girlies happy Friday. Today I have a Tag for yall! I was tagged by Meghan !!!! This is a really fun tag and I love making posts that have something to do with the season we are currently in (i.e. Christmas)
So here we go!!!

1. As of right now, how many sleeps until Christmas?As of right now I have 18 sleeps until Christmas....Honestly I wouldnt know this is if my my phone didnt have the countdown widget!!

2. What is number one on your wish list?I am so glad this question is on here!!! I would have to say the number one thing on my list has to be a camcorder!! I plan on starting Youtube videos (beauty of course) either the beginning of this year or as soon as I get it I want the JVC Everio Full HD Memory Camcorder!! I have been wanting to start videos earlier in the year and i figured the beginning of this yearwould be a great time!!

3. How do you get in the holiday spirit?
Decorating!! I decorate my bedroom, my locker at school, my gym locker at school. I think that moment where thre family gets together to decorate the tree really sets in the fact that Christmas is finally here!! Also when I go christmas shopping that also helps me get in the Christmas spirit and not worry about the amount of money I spend or the hours of gift wrapping!!

4. What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house?At my house on Christmas Eve we bake cookies and turn on Christmas music and watch a Christmas movie. We all stare anxiuosly at the gifts under the tree trying to makeout the form of what some of the gifts to guess what they are. When my mom's not looking me and my sister look at the to and from stickers on the gift and feel the gifts! Weird huh??

5. How does Santa operate at your house?
We had the tradition of stocking since we were kids and we still do it. In our stockings we get candy and little small objects that no one feels like wrapping! We never go with anyone who goes christmas shopping its all a huge suprise. We put presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.

6. What's a tradition you love?
A tradition that we do is on christmas eve we bake cookies and play christmas music then watch a christmas movie. Me and my sister stare anxiously at the gifts under the tree and mainly at the form of the gifts to think about what they could be. But a week before me and my sister go on a hunt for the gifts because my mom (or santa) hides them from us until christmas eve (even though we dont do anything with them),

7. Do you give gifts?
Yes I do! I take joy in doing so! I have been giving gifts for two years now. Before I got my own money I would have to ask my mom from the money but since last year I have been able to save up the money and buy gifts for friends and family!!

8. What's your favorite holiday drink?My favorite holiday drink would have to be Costa Rican coffee my mom goes there every year the first week of December with her job and for the past 4 years has brought me some back! The coffee tastes sooooo good!!! Other than that homemade peppermint hot chocolate (which I will be doing a DIY for) it tastes sooo freaking good.

9. What about your favorite food?Christmas cookies!! I love any type of cookies though on Christmas!!

10. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Elf!! I think that is every one's favorite movie but I also like the "The Grinch who stole Christmas" but not the cartoon version the cartoon version er ks my nerves!!!!

11. If you worked in Santa's Workshop, what would you be doing?This is actually harder than I thought this would be!!! I would probably be the technical person (working with the naughty and nice list fixing things etc) by day and then a comedian by night because I'm a funny person!

12. Can YOU do this tag? Yes YOU can!! Everyone can but I wanted to tag a few specific people!



I hope to see them all and I know you all cant wait until CHRISTMAS!!
And if you didn't peep that I will be starting Youtube videos this month (towards the end) don't worry I will be making a post dedicated to it explaining everything!
I might make an account now!!

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  1. I love you answers! I will do this tag very soon! THANK YOU for tagging me! xoxo