Friday, October 5, 2012


Hey girlies what is up?? Foreal its been forever it feels like! I just wanted to let you know what is up because I've been MIA for weeks! I blame high school and my social life! Lol but I recently joined my church's dance team and I have rehearsal every Thursday and bte I perform next Friday! Weeks later I also joined my school's step team in which we practice tuesdays and Thursdays. AND on top of that I go to bible study tuesdays and church sundays.
And on top of that its homecoming week/school spirit week. Now I didn't just say that year long sob story for nothing I'm just giving a little explanation as to why I've been gone! That's all for now I'm working on a September favorites post it should be up by Monday or Tuesday I know its late but work with me here! Bye for now l!


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  1. Um, yout twitter thing covers some of the words, so I can't read some of it. Just thought that I should tell you!