Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fashion: Fashion must haves!!

Hey girlies! So yes Fall is finally here! I am happy to get ready to go shopping for new items!! But i think we all need to know what we absolutely should have! So i am here to help you!

1. Scarf- not just a regular old flimsy fashion scarf but a nice cozy thick and fashionable scarf !

This one is a really cute color and its looks so warm and cozy! try finding ones similar to the one above and dont go for a traditional ugly plaid uncomfortable scarf!

2. Sweater or Sweatshirt- If it gets really really cold during fall where you live (like me) I reccomend a sweater over a sweatshirt but if the fall weather isnt that bad just go ahead and put your really cute pullover sweatshirt on and roll out!!

The ideal cute sweater!! It looks so comfy! Probably about a couple years ago this wouldnt flow but now these sweaters are back in style so make the best of your grandmothers old sweaters lol because im pretty sure we can all guess that these trends were out before we were even born!!

This vans pullover looks so cute right????

3. Combat boots- Not only are they a cute trend but theyre boots so you can rock these in the winter

These are just the cutest! Whoever came out with this trends thank you so much! I cant wait to go snag a pair!

4. Ugg Boots- Uggs are jsut so friggin comfortable! Now im not saying you have to go and spend 100 plus dollars on a pair of boots because there are places you can get a mock for less money but the same quality!

My favortie color to get a pair of boots has to be black, tan, or grey. because they go with just about anything! I also prefer the short style over the tall because of my calves. Remember to always get a pair of ugg boots in a size smaller so they can be fitted anc cozy!

Abstract Design Leggings- Yes leggings! but make sure they are thick material though! But i did say Abstract design leggings like the new trendy galaxy leggings! They draw attention and compliments! Now not jsut galazy leggings maybe a bright color or stripes (lol not really stripes)

In the picture above are a pair of both galaxy leggings and skeleton leggings!!! Now thats trendy!! The skeletons might even work for a part of a Halloween costume (if you reallly like being creative) But what do these have to do with fall??? Well if they are the right material you can throw on an oversized sweater or pullover with a pair of combat boots ( just tied all of my faves in one ) your good!!!

Well ladies that is all i could think of now!
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