Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Heart Fall Tag!!!!!

Hey Girlies, its tag time again!!!!! So one of my blogger friends did this post and so then I just knew I had to do it so to save you a long intro let's just get started!!

1. Favorite Fall lip product?
I am crazy in love with my Wet n Wild Natural Made Lip Shimmer!!! Its very creamy and pigmented I love it soooooo much!!!! 

2. Favorite Nail Polish?
Sinful Colors Let's Talk- Its not a fall color or anything (more of a blueish purpleish) I just recently did a NOTD on it and suprisingly I just got it last week but I can already tell I will where this color more than two or three days (which i mostly do every time) and might just reapply it!!!!

3. Favorites Starbucks Fall Drink?
 I really love everything warm on the menu!!! But unfortunately the starbucks around the corner from my house it being rebuilt so its not serving anyone for a month or so!!! But I recently have gotten addicted to Quik Trip coffee..... I usually get half a cup of carmel machiato and half hot chocolate with whip cream on top :) I always get one in the mornings before school!!!

 4. Favorite Fall Candle?
 I, like all beauty gurus out there have an obsession with bath and body works candles my two (cant pick one) favorite candles have to be LEAVES AND AUTUMN. I just cant see myself spending 20 dollars for the three wick candles so I instead get 4 of the mini candles and use those!! I recently just ordered a huge B&BW order that may or may not include a couple of mini candles lol (im so thrifty)

5. Favorite Fall scarf or accessory?
My beaded bracelets i just got from dots! My mood necklace I got from CLAIRES (where it with every outfit!!) and a pair of uggs!!!

6. Haunted House, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I am more than horrified of the haunted houses because people actually chase you now a days!!!! So I would have to choose Haunted Hay Ride but I have never been on one so if they do chase you then I'm out all together lol!!!

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
Casper the friendly ghost!!! IT kind of reminds me that no matter what the Paranormal Activity movies says there is still one friendly ghost out there lol! And I love the relationship that hilary duff had with him lol it was cute

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? 
Candy corn!! Even when it isnt Halloween I still eat candy corn.....like forget the twix and the snickers give the biggest bowl of candy corn and Im good!! LOL

9. What are your dressing up for as Halloween? 
unfortunately I will be on the plane on halloween night to illinois!!! But if I wasnt busy Halloween night I would dress up as a penut butter and jelly with my best friend Taylor ( we did that for Halloween costume day at my school)

10. What is you favorite thing about fall?
 The leaves changing and beautiful in the middle (not too cold not too hold) weather!!! I love the comfy sweaters and the scarves!!!!

I'm not tagging specific people this time :( BUT I DO TAG EVERYONE!!!!!!! Dont think twice about doing it!!! This is a fun tag. I love tags!! You Should To!!!!

 8 more weeks until Christmas!!!!! What cant you wait for???? Any posts you want me to post!!! Comment below!!!


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