Friday, October 12, 2012

MAC Wishlist!

Hey girlies! So I recently have been having this obsession with M.A.C products. But there is just a little big problem with that.......I dont really have the type of money to spend wildy (although i would love to) on MAC products. I do have a job but i only get payed enough to pay my phone bill, lunch money, and there rest (very little) i can spend on myself. So now with the personal things aside let me tell you why i am creating ths "lust List". Well when i finally figure out in my head that I want kind of stays there! So I figured why not create this list so I can buy maybe a couple things on the list every time i get payed and maybe a couple months later I will have the whole list checked out!!!!
SO Here WE GO!!!!!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish -Gold Deposit
 Mineralize Skinfinish

I have been wanting to get a new one of these because my old one cracked and I was devistated
but that much because I still havent got a new one but i just love how good they are to my skin!! But all in all I love hw they look its not just one color its another color thrown in and they blend in so well!!!

Hey, Sailor! Bronzing Powder!

 Hey, Sailor! Bronzing Powder

Now I have heard alot about the "Hey, Sailor!" collection and people love it and I'm suprised the collection is still out because i thought collections are limited edition but when i saw it on the site i knew then I have to get it before it really is gone!

Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick

 Viva Glam Nicki

Now I am a big fan of good lip products and i also heard so many good things about not only the lipstick but the collection also. So I will have to go snag my self one very soon!! This lipstick comes in one color and i dont really have a problem with that becaus the color is to die for!! I have this mental search going on (weird??) but its too find the best perfect lipstick and when i say tperfect i mean in shade how pigmented it is etc. and i think i can successfully say that my search might just be over!

Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass -Phiff!
 Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass

I love the fact that they have came out with a Marilyn Monroe collection its like she is still living!! But i actually have never owned a MAC dazzle glass period so i have pretty high hopes seeings though a lot of beauty gurus out there just adore them! This particular on is supposed to have large particle pearls that relfect and refract the light!! Idk what that means but i cant wait to find out!

So that is all!!!! Its a little short but this is just starting off! I will keep you updated on the thing i got!!!
next post: October lust list!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Awesome beauty weapons i'd say!
    Who knew that one day we'd have to be rich to afford a cute, maybe, a little elegant lipstick?
    Anw, great post!
    here's my blog:

  2. I love gold deposit! Great wishlist! I have been saving up for the MAC holiday collections, I can't wait for them to come out!