Monday, August 20, 2012

I HEART IT: Hearted outfit of the day!

Hey girlies so I feel that I have been on a posting roll today! This will have been my second post today! I know I've been doing that but for the past couple of days I have been a little MIA but it's only because I've been busy with school not because I'm getting bored I love what I do ( I say it like I've been doing this forever). But anyways, I was thinking from tomorrow on until the week is over I would start doing hearted arm candy instead of outfits just to change it up a bit! So comment below if you think it's a good idea or not! Now on to the hearted outfit of the day!!

So today's outfit is very laid back which is pretty much different from my past outfits which have more of a girly sense. Even though this outfit has a little of that  I think this is still a little bit different. This outfit also includes 2 of the hottest trends out right now! Yes! That's right you guessed it oversized sweaters and distressed shorts!

So this oversized sweater is a cream color base but it also has navy blue stripes! The person in this picture put a black tank under but some people just wear it with a bandeau but either way is fine!
The shorts she's wearing are both distressed and dark wash.
She threw on a simple necklace then grabbed her dark brown handbag and headed out!!

Now for shoes since they werent  pictured.
I would put on a pair of oxford the same color as her purse or a pair of navy blue vans to match the stripes either way you want to bring out 1 of the colors in this outit and put them in the shoes!!!

Do you like oversized sweaters too? Comment below if you would like a hot trends post on them!

All photos are gotten from weheartit UNLESS I say otherwise thank you so much and follow my blog!!!!

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