Saturday, August 25, 2012

My first week at a new school! 4 Tips on being at a new school!

Hey girlies it feels like ages since I posted but its only because of school. ( no excuse though) this post is not going to be about beauty or any thing just because i wanted to have a post as to why i was MIA. I started Wednesday agust the 22. The reason I was going to a new school in the first place was because of a few things. One my school lost its accreditation and two I just wanted a better quality education. And let me just say I love the school ( plus im not wearing uniform anymore) I'm going to now its so big and the district is very diverse (which I love). I made so many new friends and mostly everyone is nice. Now I'm a freshmen this year and so I just wanted to throw out a couple of tips if your a freshmen to or if your going to a new school!

1. Be yourself! I know this is sooo extremely cliche but its true. If you try to be someone your not yeah you might get some friends but they wont be your friend because of who you truly are. I learned that so well and I can honestly say that the friends I have made are my friends because I am 100% kyla!

2. Join clubs and athletics! Part of being you includes doing the activities you enjoy doing! So if you like softball ( like me) go tyrout if you like singing join chorus and so on. Doing stuff you like doing allows you to make friends that have the same interests as you!

3.Be nice! Don't think that being mean will get you many friends especially being new to the district! Having an attitude towards people will do the opppsite from getting you friends!

4. Dont be afraid to ask someone can u sit with them at lunch!
There are no assigned seats so sit where you want but if there's a group sitting and you want to sit there just ask nicely can you sit with them the worst thing they can do is say no!
So that the tips I have for you!!! I will be posting a lot this weekend to make up for lost time so stay tuned! Find me one
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  1. hey ! I'm moving to a new school too, but luckily I've friends there. Good luck in your new school, Following ! Grace x

  2. I found your blog and I just fell in love with it eventually. Awesome on all levels :) Keep the spirit of blogging high dear! Following you now, hope you follow bck Xx

    1. Omg thank you!! You made my day I will follow back