Thursday, August 16, 2012

I HEART IT: Hearted Outfit Of Yesterday!

Hey girlies! Once again another late post! But today was even bussy! I had to go get registered for school and on top of that I found out I can't go to school on the first day because I registered too late ( as in the day before) and then just a lot of extra stuff to do! SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR PICS
But here I am with a hearted outfit for you guys!
Now I know this isn't a full outfit but I'm pretty sure you get the just of it!

I just love it when someone can style polka dots...its not easy and this silk looking fabric really goes well with the gold belt and it goes well with what looks like a blue cardigan and so that is why this is my hearted outfit of the day!!!

So that is all comment below what you think!
What shoes would you put with this outfit? Comment below??


  1. I'd go with black heels,it looks classy and at the same cute.I'm hosting a nail art party on my blog every friday and I'd love it if you could join in.