Sunday, August 19, 2012

I HEART IT!!! Hearted outfit of the day!!

Hey girlies! So I know this is my only post of the day but its only because its taking a lot of work to do the post I've been wanting to put up for days and I lose track of time and by the time the day is up its too late to post. So I will continue the hearted outfits of the day there just wont be the two videos a day thing for a couple of days!! PIC OF THE OUTFIT IS ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM!

So the outfit I picked today is just so freaking cute that I have already went everywhere looking for items similar!!! The color striked me first I mean the solid coral red top with this coral red based floral print skirt is just a great pair!
I love the shirt the most because of you look closely the collar has gold embellishments on the tips which made room for the gold jewelry! She tucked the cute shirt into her floral print pencil skirt. She added a white belt to add a littla more definition to her hips! Now of course no necklace because of the collar but as you can see no shoes were pictured I'm a little delirious as to what shoes I would pair with these so comment below with your suggestions!!

That's all! Once again I'm sorry for not being able to do two posts but I will be going to my regular posting schedule next week! Comment below and follow my blog it free!!

So if you are new to my blog and you don't know what "I HEART IT" is I will give a brief explanation:
Everyday I go on this picture website ( linked below) called we heart it and I find either an outfit or something that I like and I put up a post on my blog about it! Now understand this.....none of the pictures I post on my "I HEART IT" posts are mine (UNLESS I SAY OTHERWISE) I give all credit to weheartit and whom ever the photos belong too!

Go check out mre great cute fashion photos on the site itself!!

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