Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Drug Store Mini Haul!

Hey girlies! So I know I'm a little late posting but I was really bussy just getting ready for school but I have my first haul for you girls! I got payed today so I basically ran over to Walgreens and picked up a couple things. This post is going to be pretty simple and quick but I'll be very specific and don't forget I still have a hearted outfit for you all. But like I say in all my posts please scroll to the way bottom for pictures! (And swatches)

So the way that the Walgreens stores their makeup in my area is so hypnotizing because it is just a long wall of cosmetics....but although it was hard to put back most of the stuff I had (because is still had a phone bill to pay) I ended up with three thungs I HAD to get lol. So here they are!!

Sally hansen hard as nails nail polish ( in no hard feeling) -this is my first ever pastel purple color and I love how it looks in the bottle I hope looks as good on my nails!!

Wet n wild coloricon (in green)- it says on the packaging that its rich in color which I hope it is because I looooovvvveeeee color eyeliner!

Wet n wild coloricon eyeliner (in amethyst)

Well guys it wasn't a lot but I figured I'd still share hope you enjoyed comment your opinions or suggestions!!!

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