Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school outfit ideas!!! Part 1

Hey girlies!! So some people have already started school but if you are like me and you haven't started yet then this is the post for you lol!! Or heck if you already have this can be helpful also!! I decided to make this post because I know that ome girls stay up all night worrying about what theyll wear on their first day. Well that is why I made this post I found some outfits on that will give you some inspiration maybe.
Hope this post inspires those who haven't started school yet but if you already have then oh well! SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE PICS!!

The first outfit is what I like to call the girly look. This outfit is basic enough for school but it still has a girly sense because of the floral addition! Basically this is a white tank top tucked into a high waisted floral print skirt also a black skinny belt was added to flatter just a little bit
You can find a floral print skirt similar to the one in the pic at forever21 for only 18.99
And the same tank at forever 21 for 4.50

The next outfit is dedicated to all the seniors out there that have senior-itus!! Lol so senior itus is basically when you're a senoir you start to be very laid back and not really care so here's a simple outfit for those who might have caught a case!! This is just a cream colored shirt teamed with a pair of mint green skinny just switch out the heels for a pair of converse and you're set!
Go to forever 21 online to find a top similar! also has a pair of skinnies in a similar color

Last outfit has no name but I really like it and would wear it myself on the first day if school. Here we have a white button down with 3/4 sleeves tucked into a really cute pair of navy blue lace shorts. Also a brown skinny belt is added! Add some cute arm candy and switch the purse with a cute oversized purse or bookbag and you are first day ready!!
I found a pair of lace shorts on Lulu's online website
And you can find a white button down similar at forever 21.

So that is all of part 1! I wasn't able to give links to the items even though I did find them where I said I found them.
What impression do you want to give on your first day of school??? Comment below!
I should be posting part 2 later on this week. I haven't been posting and I wanted to put something out there! Hope you enjoyed!! Follow my blog 4 more back to school posts!

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