Monday, August 13, 2012

HIT OR MISS: Did Bella Thorne rock the green carpet at The Odd Life Of Timothy Green premiere

Hey ladies! So not too long ago they very anticipated movie "The Odd life of Timothy Green" came put and of course there was a premier party! And since Disney Channel promoted it a lot of Disney channel actors came out to support. Including the very pretty Bella Thorne from the hit show "Shake it up!". Now what did she show up in is the question?? So this post will go over everthing from head to toe. TO SEE PICTURES SCROLL DOWN TO THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS POST!

Bella Thorne went with a classy look
this time. Although she didn't steer away from her traditional bangs she did a half up half down do with some very loose curls! The hairstyle was very age appropriate! And btw I love her hair color she is a firey red head!!

Bella played is safe with her jewelry she wore two bangles on her left (your right) arm and a ring on her middle finger. Since the dress had a lot going on on the top and a high neck ling she didn't wear a necklace!

Now Belle didn't play it "safe" when it came to her dress. She wore a Ted Baker dress with a floral print top. Now seeings though Bella Thorne is only 14 years old I wouldn't have put her in it. The dress is form fitting. Now I'm not say she didn't look cute because she was beautiful but looked a little older to me. The dress is too innapropriate in my opinion.

Now the shoes on the other hand are so cute not too high of a heel. Dont look more than 2 inches. She wore a pair of black miu miu heels.

In closing this outfit is a HIT! But maybe for an older age group!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion!!
So share yours and comment below!

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