Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mall Haul! Bath n Body works, forever 21 and ELLE!!

Hey girlies!! So I haven't did a blog post in one day and I already feel OUT so that wont happen again! So I went to the mall to shop with my bestfriend today and I got a few things from my favorite stores!!!!! Also I got a new magazine to read!! SCROLL BELOW TO SEE PICS

Paris amour fragrance mist (travel sized) 6.00$- So this was basically free I had a coupon in the mail for a free travel sized signature collection item!
(I did the 5 for 5 deal on their pocket bac hand satitizers)
I got the following:
Bonjour-pink bloom
Groovy grape
Fresh lavender
Fresh market apple
Caribbean escape (not pictured)
Now originally the actual total would be 12.00 but since I also had a coupon for 20% off so my entire purchase was 5.25!!

FOREVER 21: only got two things:
Silver and black flower earrings- 1.50$
Black compact mirror 1.00

I also got my September edition of elle and its their biggeat issue this year is has 600 plus pages and who doesn't love the perfume samples they put in their magazines lol

So that is it evryone it wasn't that much but as a new fashion blogger i feel its necessary to share everything lol so follow my blog share your opinions below in the comments!

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