Thursday, August 16, 2012

Makeup haul: e.l.f. & NYC Colors!

Hey girlies! So I have another haul and this time I bought a few more things! Mostly e.l.f. but they were all much needed! And suprisingly I only spent 10.00 on all!

I have been really trying to get into buying more makeup so I was really excited when I got the things I did! SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR PICS!

Nyc new york color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer shade 684- so I have been looking for a face primer or a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer but I figured i'd just start at low price and work my way up if it didn't work so I got this its not that much in the container but for only 1.99$ I just got it! Ill review it maybe!

Elf brightening eye color in Silver Lining- 1.00$ the colors in this quad made me get it in the first place! It has a cream white color a purple color a blue and then a peach/pink color I can't wait to where it!

Elf hypershine gloss in flirt 1.00$ I see that a lot of people have these I love the color by itself

Elf eyelid primer in sheer 1.00$ I definitely had to make a descision whether I wanted the 3.00 one or the 1.00 one so I just got the 1.00 dollar kind just because if I don't like it it really wont last that long and ill just get the 3 dollar kind next time!

Elf eye shadow brush 1815! So I heard a lot about these and even though they are a dollar they are really good quality!!

Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in midnight- I have never had an eyeliner pen so I had to get this I can't wait to to do a cateye lol

So that's all of my haul if you want a review on something just ask!!
Please follow my blog please and comment your opinions or suggestions!!

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