Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hot Trends: Oversized sweaters

 How to avoid the wrath of Mr. Good Ol Winter: Essential Transition Pieces

Hey girlies! So if your reading this and you have seen my other blogs you would know that this one looks alot different! I have finally got my hands on a computer for the day and decided not only redesign my blog but to post also! It feels so different making this post from a computer because I started my blog on a phone and this is the first post from a computer. So enjoy because this is only temporary! I'll go back to using my phone tomorrow! Now on to why I made this post in the first place! 

Over sized sweaters!!!!
So yesterday I did my daily "I HEART IT" post and the one of the main pieces just so happen to be a oversized sweater! I asked you guys to comment below saying whether you wanted me to do a "Hot Trends" post on them today. I had no comments but I also had no idea what post I was going to post so i figured I'd just do the post.

My Opinion
I pesonally love this trend! What suprises me most is that it came out in the summer! I mean if you live in a predominantly cool climate (unlike me) than wear as many oversized sweaters you want. But if you are like me and your summer was as hot as mine.....WHY. And i have seen people where a sweater and it like 100 degrees outside. I am not going to lie I have worn a sweater or two this summer their addictive who cares hot it is! Now some oversized sweaters are made in a lighter material (like the one in my hearted outfit of the day) so you dont get as hot. My basic opinion is this trend is a HIT trend I dont know why but it just is and I think it might just stay for fall! what an awesome transition from summer to fall!

Kyla! Kyla! But How do I style such an awesome trend?
Well I am glad you asked! I feel that oversized sweaters is a trend that is more laid back! So I would probably where a pair of distressed skinny jeans or shorts (depending on the climate) . I have even seen people where leggings with them and still look cute! Some over sized sweater go off the shoulder so a bandeau or tank should go under! As far as jewelry one simple long necklace would be great. Throw on a pair of converse or vans and the outfit is complete!!

One More question! Where should should I wear my oversized sweater?
Good question! First off I wouldnt wear this to a date to a up scale restaurant! But I would wear this to the movies, the mall, and even just lounging around the house!!

Any Dos and Don'ts Kyla?
-get your sweater a couple sizes bigger (only if you want to but some sweaters come oversized)
-add a high wasted belt if you want the sweater to flatter you!
-put on a pair of high wasted shorts and tuck in the front part of the sweater!

- get your sweater too big otherwise you'll just look odly shaped  

This Post was so great where can I find a Oversized Sweater??American Eagle outfitters has a great deal on their sweaters check them out!

Kyla You have a great blog where else can i find you!
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Email: kyla.martin13@gmail.com

So girls thats all please comment below you suggestions and opinions!!! Follow my blog and have a beautiful day!!!!!! ♥♥♥


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