Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I HEART IT: Hearted outfit of the day!!

Hey girlies so I'm not going to do a long intro because its 11:30 pm and I want this to go up before tomorrow.
Long story short today was very busy!!

I chose this outift because it was a little different from some of the others I have done!!

This is a white button down tucked into a red pencil skirt. Teamed up with a jean jacket and a pair of black strapped heels. The person also put a light tan hold all purse!

So that is all I didn't want to go too into this outfit because once again its late and I like to do two posts a day! ( at least before school starts).
So please follow my blog for more hearted outfits!

*I know it would be better if I told where you can find the clothing in these pictures I'm hearting but if I haven't told you yet I get these pics from WeHeartIt.com and they don't explain stuff like that but I will look more into stuff like that!*


  1. lovely blog. Following you, follow me back?